So I don't know why, but Blogspot decided to eat my previous post for a while. For whatever reason, it wouldn't show up on my blog. And then, my blog page wouldn't load for me no matter what I tried. Why is this so difficult?!


There's a new kid at work in the Older Threes and he's moving up with everyone next week (three day weekend, hooray!). H'e a sweetheart, really, and incredibly ticklish. However, there's a snag in his glowing personality: he only speaks Spanish. So I'm struggling to learn basic phrases from friends (MOFriend, specifically) so that I can communicate with him. It's hard! I think he laughs at me when I try to speak Spanish to him, but he's become clingy with me and I wonder if it's because he thinks I speak more Spanish than I really do? Today during free play on the carpet he sat next to me and asked why I was wearing my knee brace (I think). He then proceeded to tell me the story about all his booboos and scars. I think. I'm mostly hanging on words that I can recognize, and they're few and far between.

Supposedly I'm getting a split-shift come the school year because work has lost a lot of people to better paying jobs. My boss has expressed a desire to put me in the Twos in the morning from eight to twelve, and then Pre-K three to six. It's not full-time, I don't think, but it's a good eight hours. And if I don't get the split-shift? I send the office my ultimatum: give me more hours or I have no choice but to leave. (Unless they magically up my pay a few dollars)

My knitting has become lax lately and I have been reading far too much. I'm going to pick up my friend Colleen's Slytherin scarf (Christmas present) soon and get that out of the way, and then do MOFriend's armwarmers. Between them, I'll start work on my Clessidra socks. I have some pretty straw-colored yarn to use on them. Pictures next post.

Time for some sleep. I have to have a lot of energy to deal with the little hellions tomorrow...they have a last-day ice cream party. Twelve five-year-olds on sugar? My life is one big adventure.


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