Pwned by four-year-olds

Yes, I got my ass beat by the Pre-K class at work yesterday. Well, only one child, actually, not the entire class. The child decided to climb the cots in the corner (the cots are for naps and they stack) and, as I walk over to get them off, they jump. So I grabbed their hand to bring them over to sit at the table when they pull the old drop-to-the-floor-and-make-them-let-go trick. So I grab their other hand to keep them from cracking their head open on the floor and they dangle for a minute, pull their feet up off the floor (so they hang) and plant their feet squarely into my bad knee. I almost dropped them, but managed to hold in my anger and place them down on their feet. Okay, fair enough. So they stood up, scowled at me, and then punch me in the gut/stomach area. By that point I'd had it and I limped the kid straight down to the office and wrote a nice long note to their parent about their behavior.

My knee still hurts this morning, by the way. Em is taking me out to practice driving, though, so I think I'll live.

I finally got my debit card in the mail--first one ever--and proceeded to order yarn for me and mom from knitpicks for Samurai Knitter's Strikke-Along. I'm knitting stranded-color snowflake socks (though mine are red and white, so they're pointsettias) and it's going to be hard. I'm afraid that I'll be the very last person knitting, since I believe that there isn't a time limit on this.

In other news, the BF is back in school and complaining that he only gets to see me two days a week. He'll adjust, I'm sure. Just wait until I find a job that doesn't suck, and I get full time. Then he might not see me for weeks at a time. Oooh, I'm so mean. Teasing the boy when he's down...

The scarf is now on it's decreasing side of the Fibonacci Sequence and I have re-started MOfriend's arm warmers since the scarf has gotten me into the habit of knitting the right way and they were ktbl. Ah well. I think next paycheck I deserve a trip to the lys with my mom. Maybe I can convince her...


Edward C. Foster said...

It's no surprise to hear you got your ass owned by a bunch of preschoolers.

You should have beat their little asses, that would have done the trick.

That's what's wrong with society in these days, children have no boundaries. There's no such thing as child punishment anymore, so the children do what they want, when they want.

About 25 years ago, things like kids stealing cars, kids commiting robbery, school shootings, kids killing kids, kills killing their parents, ect, were unheard of.

Why is this you ask? Because 25 years ago, punishing your children by means of a good ass whipping, were allowed.

Ever since they banned the ability to spank your children, kids no longer have boundaries and do what they wish.

That time-out shit don't work worth a damn. They need a good beating on their asses to solve the problem.

I suggest you either get a leather belt, a ping pong paddle, or a small branch and just whip the living hell out of their little behinds.

I guarantee the next time you ask them to do something, and you remind them of a possible whipping, they'll listen to you.


Kate said...

Well, Ed, I guess that's why I work there and you don't.

Donna Lee said...

Sorry, I don't agree. This kid has serious issues and seems to live in a violent environment. All he knows is violence.

Edward C. Foster said...

Well, Kate, I guess that's why they don't respect you, and never will.