the SARS-avian-ebola-flu virus

Warning: this post contains copious whining

As the title suggests, I am sick.

Well, I haven't been truly sick in a while, so I guess this is only fair. It happened overnight Friday into Saturday. Friday night I went to bed with a sore throat and woke up Saturday dizzy, nauseous, and with a sinus headache that left my head throbbing like the baseline at a rave. Oh, yeah, and my throat still hurt. My mom said something about the flu. I really hope it's just some virus going around.

I can't even do any knitting when I'm sick like this because my head starts to really throb when I focus on something too much. So it looks like mindless video games and books with large print for me. And sleep. I kept waking up last night to the point where I think I got fifteen minutes of sleep for every hour I was awake. Headaches are awful.

Also, Moku is now the amazing disappearing frog. My dad came in to check on me yesterday and couldn't find Moku in the tank. He showed up later, though. He likes hanging out under the plastic tray the aerator is attached to because the heater is under there. It's still pretty chilly for him, I suppose. It's also where most of his food accumulates. He's being lazy under there now, munching daintily on some fish flakes that got past Kin. I have to clean their tank once I'm feeling better.

For now, though, I'm going to wait for my medicine to kick in, play some video games, and then take a nap. Enjoy the last bit of your weekend, folks!

"Lying in bed would be the most wonderful thing if only one had colored pencils long enough to draw on the ceiling with."
~I forget who


Em said...

*points* eeeeew! Germs! Poor, ill baby. I hope you feel better soon, being that sick is always awful. But hey, on the bright side, you don't have to go to work while you're that sick, at least.

Olivia said...

hope you're feeling better soon

Donna Lee said...

H.L. Mencken