Something's Fishy in the state of Jersey...

Please ignore the bad Hamlet pun, I couldn't resist.
I have recently (read: on Saturday) bought myself some fish. Well, a fish and a frog. Yes, I did. I'm not entirely sure why but the BF and I were looking through a pet store to kill some time (bad decision on our parts) and I got a small tank--one gallon--a gold fish and a frog. I really wanted the frog first, and the goldfish came after.

The fish's name is Kin, which is Japanese for 'gold', and I suppose if you'd like to interpret that way, it's the kanji used in 'Friday' as well. He's a calico goldfish, and my mom says he's ugly. I think he's pretty and if he wasn't so shy I wouldn't have such a blurry picture of him as he swims away.

I also got an African dwarf frog, but he's even more shy (and much smaller) than Kin, so I couldn't get a half-decent shot of him. The frog's name is Moku, for wood in reference to trees. It's also the kanji for Thursday in Japanese. Go figure. My mom also thinks (and my dad agrees) that Moku is in great danger of being eaten by Kin. It's a possibility, I suppose, but I'm being more optomistic than they are. Previous carnivorous goldfish and mysteriously missing catfish incidents be damned. He is, however, in danger of moving too slowly to get to the food. I can see already that Kin is a pig. A fast pig. Moku is not fast when it comes to getting food. This could be a problem.

On the knitting front, I've kept up with the harry potter socks, though I didn't like the decreases I did for the calf and had to rip back several rows. After a minor dropped-stitch fiasco I've decided to put in lifelines. I am not going to rip back ten inches of sock because the merino wool wanted to be slippery. There is no way in hell.

I've cast on a pair of Go with the Flow socks, the same pattern as mom is using for el. I fell in love with it and now I'm knitting my own with my Giverny yarn.

You can't see much of the pattern here, I've only just started the leg. They're my dear-god-if-I-knit-another-stitch-of-black-wool-I-will-kill-myself emergency socks for when the harry potter socks get to me. Since I have two pairs of the hp socks to knit (knee-highs!) and I'm not a particularly fast knitter, I'm trying to focus on them so I can have them done in time for Otakon. Do you think I'll have them washed and blocked by August? I hope so. Otherwise Yami will kill me.

That's all for now. I'm going to go bid my fish goodnight and hit the hay. I'm sleepy.

"Kind Kate,

Thanks for your advice,
For I read your e-mail, my heart and me so funny and became a better! Thank you."
-The opening of an email from my Korean penpal


el said...

let us not forget the carnivorous goldfish and the tetras with chunks missing either. i fear for moku's saftey.

Olivia said...

So the frog and the fish are in the one tank together? I thought the frog would need to get out of the water sometimes? Or is that reptiles rather than amphibians.

Four long socks is is a lot of knitting! But of course you will get faster with each one.

Em said...

The frog's days are numbered, I see it now. Yea, verily, the goldfish will make a tasty meal of him and he will be et.

Can I put in an order for some black wool knee-highs? I could definitely use some, and at the pace I knit, you'll be done three pairs faster than I could possibly knit one.