Rainy Day Sun

Well, I'm happy.

The first reason why is because after some minor scheduling conflicts, Colleen is coming down to spend the night. And that means a mass-sleepover at my house. Brandon, Corey, Caryn, and Colleen all together on one floor. And me. This is going to be so interesting. That said, I'm still excited. I don't get to see Coll much, what with her living an hour northwest of us.

The second reason I'm happy is because yesterday, at the Berlin Farmer's Market, my parents got me a backpack. My mom called to tell me, and the conversation went like this:
Mom: Hey. We got you a backpack.
Me: Cool. What's it got on it?
Mom: Camptrail...? Not a regular book bag, a hiking pack.
Me: Oh! Really?
Mom: Yep! It's a lot like dad's, but smaller.
Me: Awesome!
It needs some work done, like a few new buckles and some washing, but it's in really good condition and I am so excited. I love hiking overnight with my dad, it's one of the things we have in common. We drive down to the woods, hike out to the campsite by the river, stay for one or two nights, enjoy the woods in peace, and then hike back out again. My mom is not a hiker, and neither is Elanor. They're campers. Em is a camper, too. They don't like the walking-your-load-out part, but I do. It feels good to know that I just carried all my stuff six miles to the campsite and can now sit for a minute, pitch the tent, and then be set to relax.

The third reason I'm happy is that "in about a week" Pizza Hut is switching over to their new uniforms (it's been "about a week" for a month or so now) and the new uniforms are wonderful. Polo shirts. And jeans. Well, the pants are up to the manager. Matt says he's going to take a survey of whether we want to stick with black pants or go to jeans. I'm really hoping the jeans will win. They have my vote. And Corey's, and Brandon's.

It is a beautiful sunny morning today and while it may not last long since it's supposed to rain (more), I'm going to try and enjoy it.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. Even if it isn't sunny.

Here she comes that Rainy Day Sun
Peeking in and out the falling raindrops
Smiling down on everyone
~Spinal Tap "Rainy Day Sun"

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