What's on the needles

This is really just a quick post to show off a sock I'm working on.
I got this yarn at Woolbearers a few weekends ago while we were up there for Franklin. It's On Live (I think) brand cotton. Beach color number 946. I was jealous of my mom's self-patterning sock and so I decided to cast on my own. It was a lot of fun watching the repeats build. I did a plain knit sock because I'm rather tired of patterns just now. I'll get back into monkeys and Denmarks soon. Probably once this sock is finished. I've got SSS dreadfully. But isn't that sock cool? This is also my first experience with a short row heel and I really like it. Much more than a heel flap.
My sock is posing on my work pants here. A bit about my job:
Pizza hut isn't a terrible place to work. Everyone there hates their jobs (save maybe two) but they need the money and so they make the best of it. Everyone I've worked with thus far are very fun. The uniforms suck. I swim in my shirt because there were no smalls left and apparently they mislabled this "Hippopotamus" as "medium". Or maybe I'm just too skinny for my own good. But anyway. It's plum. This shirt is the ugliest color between red and purple I have ever seen. Dunkin Donuts wears the same shirt. Exact same shirt. It's a shame. Supposedly we're getting new uniforms soon, and I've seen what they'll look like. Much nicer than these. By a lot.

Anyway, I must get going. I've got to get to work soon. The thought of the Ironman pre-showing I'm going to will sustain me all night. Woo!

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Donna Lee said...

The short row heel looks great. Good job for only your third sock ever. I think I like that heel for self patterning yarn better than a heel flap. And....work is work. It can be as miserable as you want it to be or it can be tolerable and even decent. Most of that is up to your attitude.