Subete no wakamono wa ita (all the kids said...)

Otakon was amazing fun. Our skit got more laughs than we expected (a good thing) though I'm still waiting to find it on youtube. My computer tried to eat my memory card and all the pictures on it, so until I can find a new cable, pictures will have to wait. Though, I have to say, I saw a ton of really good cosplayers.
And so, I made this:
If you're confused (which you likely are) look up the song Caramelldansen on youtube, by Caramell. The song became really popular when someone animated two characters from an anime I forget doing the dance I had people do. It's really well-known online. The video quality sucks, I know. I can't figure out why.

Well, Holly arrives tomorrow night, and I'm packing away some of my stuff to make room for her. It's a little depressing, boxing up your belongings to be stored away for a while. Like Emily said, "It's a lot like saying goodbye."
Most of my boxes will be packed with books. They make up about 50% of my belongings, and almost all of them are being removed from my room because most of them are being stored in my closet. It took one box to get everything off my desk and entertainment center that I didn't absolutely need. We'll be sharing my desk to keep as much space open as possible, which is why I'm moving a lot of stuff off my shelves, so Holly can use them too.
Unfortunately, I work tomorrow night until 10 (which was their projected arrival time) and I was scheduled to work Saturday morning, 10-5. I got Corey to switch shifts with me, though, so now I work 4-10. This is so that I can help unload Holly's stuff from the truck and get her situated with everything.

My room is an unholy mess right now because I'm cleaning as I pack and I have a crapload of laundry to do, which will be started shortly.

Funny story for you guys:
I walked up to U-haul this morning to buy boxes, and it's only a ten-minute walk. I talked to the guy for a minute and picked out a bundle of "small" boxes (I'd classify them closer to meduim, personally). Then I looked at him and said, "Is there any way you can wrap these together a little more tightly? I don't have a car, so I have to walk them home. It's not far, but since they're only held by that plastic strap..."
He kindly obliged me, and then as I was paying complimented me on my Darkwing Duck shirt. That made me happy.
It took me about fifteen minutes to walk back home because 25 cardboard boxes are heavier than you'd think and rather awkward to carry. I had to pause to readjust them. You'd think no one had seen a smallish-looking girl carrying twenty-five saranwrapped boxes on her shoulder down the street before, the way I was getting stares. When I stopped at a corner to put the boxes down and rest for a minute, I had a guy pull up and ask if I needed help. I was only a few blocks from home at this point, so I kindly declined his offer.
It was an interesting morning.

脇役 なんて 猛 たくさん沢山 だ (wakiyaku nante mou takusan da)
I'm sick of being a side character
夢 と 向き合う 時 位 (yume to mukiau toki kurai)
While I'm dreaming, let me be in the center
真中 に いさせて 正直 に いさせて (mannaka ni isasete shoujiki ni isasete)
Let me be honest
脇役 じゃなくって 主役 で 居ようぜ (wakiyaku janakutte shuyaku de iyouze)
Not a side character, but a main character
今 迄 何度も 何とか 諦めず に (ima made nandomo nantoka akiramezu ni)
Many times until now, I somehow didn't give up
今 迄 何度も 立ち 揚がって きた じゃない か (ima made nandomo tachi agatte kita janai ka)
Many times until now, I always stood up, right?
今 迄 何度も 僕ら (ima made nandomo bokura)
Many times until now, we
何度も 信じて 何度も夢 見て (nandomo shinjite nandomo yume mite)
until now, always trusted, until now, each other
until now
今 迄 何度も 破家 を 見て きた じゃない か (ima made nandomo baka wo mite kita janai ka)
Many times until now, I've seen stupid things
何度も 人 の 翳 に 立って きた じゃない か (nandomo hito kage ni tatte kita janai ka)
Many times until now, I was standing in someone's shadow
さあ 主役 だ よ 自分 の 夢 位 (saa shuyaku da you jibun no yume kurai)
Now, I'm a main character
我儘 で いさせて (wagamama de isasete)
Let me be selfish
~Ima made nandomo (Many Times Until Now)
by The Massmissile

Note: I edited the format I originally had the song in because I changed the translation to something I thought fit a little more closely with the actual meaning. Also, I added kanji! Yay!


Em said...

So, is Holly moving in with you guys while you look for a place? I'm slightly confused. There are not a lot of things that feel sadder than packing all your belongings away. But then, there are not a lot of things as exciting as unpacking them somewhere new. Best of luck with the move, sweetheart.

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