Wild, Wild, Wildwood Days (2/2)

Yes, well, that delay was a bit longer than I anticipated, but no matter. Here's the second part of my vacation.

Monday we cruised the boardwalk, went home to be lazy, and then heaved ourselves off the couch to go food shopping. It was fun, two of my coworkers were down for the day (two of the cool ones) and we walked around with them for a while. It was mostly sunny, warm, and of course very windy.

Tuesday we spent most of the day being lazy and not doing a whole lot. I was knitting, Patrick was spinning (I'm so proud) and we both played a little Xbox. Somewhere around early evening we grilled up some marinaded steak and corn for dinner. Then there was some more laziness. And shortly before nightfall, we headed back over to the boardwalk. Our intended goal: Morey's Pier. It was warm enough despite the breeze that I didn't need a sweater, even though I'd brought one just in case. I'm always cold. We went on an old wooden rollercoaster (we could see that they'd replaced a good deal of the wood off-season) to prove that I could. I screamed. We went on the "Great Wheel" (read: ferris wheel) to prove that I could. I didn't look down. We also did some paddleboating, a few of the usual boardwalk games, the "Whip", and quite a bit of walking. I think I burned ten pounds of weight with all the walking I did.
We got back around twelve and passed out.

Wednesday we slept in late and really didn't do much of anything, because we didn't feel like it. We were totally okay with that. Sausages and pierogies for dinner, yummy. There was some spinning on both parts, knitting on mine, and much game-playing. And a sunset walk on the beach.

Thursday we spent the morning inside and then made our way to the beach around two. Patrick is so ridiculously pale that he doesn't take sunlight well, and so we didn't stay long. I got tanned, Patrick burned. We splashed around in the water and enjoyed ourselves. When we got back, we'd inteded to cook up some chicken with the last of the corn, but were feeling lazy, and so we went out to eat. The place was called The Dogtooth Grill, and apparently their service is much better when they're busy. The food was delicious; Patrick got ribs and curly fries, I got penne served with shrimp, scallops, lobster meat, and pink sauce. It was expensive, but tasty.

Friday was spent lamenting the fact we had to leave. We packed in the morning and began the chores we had to do before we left. Mac and cheese and beef for dinner because it was quick and easy to clean up, and one last walk on the beach. We got back, lazed around for a bit longer, and then, finally, put our stuff in the car and locked up behind us.
We got back around 8 Friday night. I stopped home to see my parents and drop off some saltwater taffy (they were out on a date) and then over to Patrick's to see his mother. Stayed up and read for a little bit and then we went to sleep. There was work for both of us on Saturday.

I didn't intend to pose, I was trying to get the hair out of my face. Patrick didn't warn me.

Poor little jellyfish, washed up on the beach and dead. It was squishy.

Our last sunset.... sigh....

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