Short Late Post Yay!

Well, it's almost 11 PM, so I'm cutting today's post a little bit close, but eh. I just got out of a nice, warm shower and the only reason it was only 20 minutes long was because I remembered that Patrick needed hot water, too.

It's been cold here this past week, and it rained today. I hate October rain. It's not cold enough to be snow, but it's cold enough to make you utterly miserable. And what is it about rain that invites people to drive like idiots in the name of being weather-safe? Really? Not that difficult, people. Brake a little earlier and keep a safe stopping distance from the people in front of you. Safe weather driving does not mean going seven miles under the speed limit.
The webcomic VGCats agrees with me.

I have work early tomorrow morning, and Patrick has class even earlier so I am afraid I must cut this post off short, as sleep is in order.

Ren Faire on Saturday.
So excited.

Might have some awesome things to show off tomorrow, too. Maybe. Hopefully.

Hope your Thursday went well, and your Friday better!

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Donna Lee said...

We got out the space heaters because it just felt so damp and cold. I was very thankful for them. Tuesday will be 65 and sunny.......