Today was a reasonably good day. I didn't have to work a ten hour shift like I thought I would (which would suck). I got to have dinner prepared and cleaned up after for me, without any effort on my part. Thank you, Mrs. Lickfield. I'm relaxing watching a movie with Patrick before we go to bed ("Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands.").

I don't work again until 5 PM tomorrow, so I get to sleep in in the morning, though I'll get woken up around six because Patrick has class around 7:30. But I know I'll just fall back asleep for a while. Probably until he gets back around 10-ish.

Monday Caryn and I are taking a trip to Eastern State Penitentiary, a very old prison in Philadelphia that has a ton of history behind it. Al Capone had a cell there. We've been meaning to go for years, but we keep forgetting or keep getting busy. Well, we finally made the plans. During the fall, Eastern State has a haunted house, but it's always ridiculously crowded, especially near Halloween, so we opted for a daytime tour, which would be just as fun, but without all the screaming strangers. I'm borrowing my mom's camera for the trip, so I promise to take lots of pictures and share with blogland.

Next Saturday is the 17th, which means Ren Faire trip for Patrick and I. I will try to commandeer my mom's camera again. I will take lots and lots and tons of pictures of this, because ren faires are so much fun, and anyone who hasn't been to one needs to go. Really.

Well, short post today but I'm about to go watch the first half of the Two Towers with Patrick, to be finished tomorrow. Not much to report, unfortunately. Hope Friday goes well.

"Matt, we need a pumpkin."
"What? Why?"
"We need a pumpkin for Pizza Hut. To decorate."
"Then go down the street and buy one."
"Yeah, sure."
~Matt and Kristen, discussing Pizza Hut's Fall decorations. We have a pumpkin now on the front counter.

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Donna Lee said...

Hope never completely leaves......

And yay for pumpkins! Will you carve it?