Urge to kill.... rising....

Today was nice and peaceful until I got in to work.

Alicia is..... a generally nice girl. But she lacks the level of common sense that should be present in a young woman of her age. She also doesn't like to clean up after her tables, but that's a story for a bit later. Part of a server's side work is filling the salad bar before they leave. All servers must do it. It is written in the wait station on the white board in capital letters as large as the span between my thumb and forefinger. The server that is leaving must have their work checked by the server that is next off. Here's how my conversations about her work went:
*Alicia walks up* "Do you need me to fill the salad bar?"
"....." *I stare, stunned into muteness* "Uh, yes?"
"I just didn't think you'd be getting a lot of people on salad bar before you closed tonight, so I didn't know..."
"It's part of your side work. You have to."
"Oh, yeah. I just didn't think you'd be that busy."
"Regardless, it's your work. Yes, you have to fill the salad bar."
*Fifteen minutes later, I check her work out*
"Don't forget to put up the chairs on F-side."
"Oh, right."
*She goes to do that, and I take a look at the salad bar*
"You need to fill the pickles, thousand island, low-cal stuff, and the french. Oh, and the croutons are low, too."
"I didn't fill the dressings because I'm going to flip them tomorrow and it'll be easier if they aren't full."
"Okay, that's great, but you need to fill them anyway."
"I don't think you understand what I'm saying."
*I'm starting to get annoyed, because she isn't listening to what I'm telling her.* "No, I see what you mean, but this is your side work. You need to fill the salad dressing."
"It's not that big of a deal, I don't think you're going to be that bus--"
"I don't care how busy it is tonight." *I'm raising my voice a bit, and getting very angry at this point* "It's your job to fill the salad bar before you leave and that means the salad dressing, too. I have to fill and flip everything before I leave tonight, so it's not a big deal if you flip stuff tomorrow. But you need to fill everything."
"All right, whatever." *She brushes me off*
*Ten minutes after that, I check the dining room out again*
"You also need to wipe down C1, A2, and A3."
"I didn't have C1."
"Yes you did, you had a party there when I came in at 5. It's still dirty, you need to clean it before you go."
"No, I didn't. You had someone there."
*I'm reaching my limit with her*"I couldn't have, because it's been dirty since I came in. I had D1, on the other side, C1 is yours."
"Alright, whatever. I did have A3, but A2 isn't mine either."
"It is, because I sat an older couple there for you around six."
*Alicia just rolls her eyes and gives me a Look* "So they just need to be wiped down?"
"Cleared and wiped and set." *I am trying hard not to slap her*

The manager on duty heard most of these conversations and came to me before he closed her tips out and let her go. He wanted to make sure I'd ok'd her sidework. I was ready to smack her silly by the time she left.

Can't wait for ESP tomorrow, I'm meeting Caryn at the train around 10. It's easier than driving over, as it's only a few blocks from the art museum. Also cheaper than gas and parking and stress. I have my mom's camera, so I promise lots of cool pictures.

Time, I won't ever give in,
No matter how hard you pull me in.
I know gravity ain't an excuse
I just wanna make things a little more smooth.
The majority is still asleep,
They're tired of these dreadful dreams
So let me shout and wake you up.
Let me wake you up.
~Three Minutes Clapping

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Donna Lee said...

It's hard to work with someone who doesn't carry her weight. I'm looking forward to the photos from the prison!