Well, I originally put off my friday post so I could post on Saturday and make one huge post about how awesome the Renaissance Faire was.

It didn't happen.

We got up very early and were out the door at 7:45, and the road there was long. Very long. Just over two hours long. We got there a little after 10, and were greeted by a poor guy who'd obviously been standing out there all morning in many layers who told us, "The faire has been closed due to inclement weather."
We were prepared to have a totally rockin' day despite the rain, but alas, it was not to be. So we stopped in at the gift shop (it takes place at the Mount Hope Winery) and had a quick discussion. We opted to come back on November first, since the next two weeks are already booked with work. One of the women there was wonderfully kind and wrote on our tickets that they had to be honored on the first, even though they say they're only good for the 17th. Also, they were giving out refunds, even though tickets bought online aren't refundable.
We bought some peach wine and decided to check out Lancaster's farmers market while we were up in the area.

Traffic on rt. 30 was hell, and we just were not patient enough to withstand it. Patrick was excited, he got to see some horses pulling buggies (something he's apparently never seen in real life).So, we took a detour and I called Em to double check my directions. She suggested we stop over to visit for a bit, and I said okay. So, we made it there with only a little trouble and had lunch with her and Jim. It was nice, I don't get to see her as often as I used to and (don't tell her this) I am fond of the brat.

We headed home around 4, got home around 6. Stopped to pick up some fast food because we weren't up to a restaurant or cooking. Came home, relaxed, ate, and went to sleep early.

We have to have our fingers crossed about the first, though, because Patrick's work schedule is already done for that weekend. Am I the only person who works for a manager who doesn't put up schedules more than one week in advance? We will break some fingers and call in some favors in order to get him the day off, though.

The peach wine is tasty. Not as sweet as I thought it might be, though. It would make excellent sangria.

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