Well, out of the six comments on my last post, only three (four if I count Emily) were entries. Tomorrow I'll draw a name from a hat for the winner and let you know. It's a shame more people didn't stop by--I have some awesome little goodies for the winner.

Halloween has always been a strange holiday to me. I know all the history behind it and all that jazz, and that's not what makes it strange. As I've grown older, and as I watch my generation progress, I'm beginning to realize that young people my age--and even younger now--are turning any holiday they can into a reason to have a party and get flat-face drunk. Now, I don't hold anything against them for doing so. Well, no, I DO hold something against them. Halloween, to me, has always belonged to the kids. Nine-year-olds walking around as princesses and power rangers, gathering up huge sacks of candy that will only last them two weeks. That doesn't mean that adults or older kids can't celebrate, but I always wonder if there is a holiday out there besides Christmas that isn't being used as an excuse to get drunk?
There's a girl I work with who turns 18 this February. She has more drunk stories than almost any of my legal friends. It's depressing to listen to this young girl talking about going out that night to get "shit-faced." I do not deny her her right to drink, though I wonder when parents stopped teaching kids the meaning of moderation, or tolerance. When we made it so easy for morals to be ignored so that 17-year-old kids think it's cool to drink and smoke all the time, or worse yet do drugs.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to turn into such a serious post. Just some introspective thought.

Anyway, I have to go prepare for work. I'm working the cut table tonight, which means that I spend all my time tethered to the oven. Hope I don't sweat to death.

Happy Halloween!


Roxie said...

It's not just your generation. EVERY generation has a segment that can think of nothing better to do with their free time than get poisonously incapacitated and complain about the consequences. Some folks will out-grow it. Some won't live that long. When your co-worker starts with her shit-faced stories, you might say, "I don't especially enjoy hearing about this stuff. Did you catch the game this weekend?" or change the subject to anything else that might interest her. I would go all prissy on her and point out that she's breaking the law, endangering her health, and ruining her skin (booze ages you almost as fast as cigarettes and suntanning) and since I like her, I don't enjoy hearing about it. But she might flounce away and get perpetually defensive. Some of those tough Jersey girls don't expect to live long enough to look old.

Sorry you didn't get any more comments. on the other hand, more chances for me to win!

Donna Lee said...

Sorry there weren't more entries. I could go back and enter if you like.....

I've always been so glad you guys didn't push that particular envelope.