Reflections on a Snowy Night

Snow makes the night so bright, it's really cool.
Wow, it doesn't feel as cold out right now as it has been. I guess that's because it's not as windy.
Kobold seems really excited by the snow.
Has he ever been on a walk in the snow before, while it was falling?
Haha, he's such a puppy.
Man, it was a great idea to wear these goggles, I can see without getting snow in my eyes now.
I bet that if I strapped skis to my feet, I could let Kobold drag me down the grass, he's strong enough.

It's been a long weekend at work, thank god I have off tomorrow. Ben and Bob are over right now to play video games with Patrick, I'm going to spectate and cheer them all on as they kill things, maybe start on a pair of socks. I want to try knitting the Jekyl and Hyde socks on my own time.

My Evenstar yarn is apparently on its way. I ordered from Colourmart, some really nice charcoal colored merino that's spun with a bit of silver sparkle, since the Evenstar's light shines brightest in dark times. But about two days after I placed the order, I got an email from Colourmart saying that the yarn was short about 20-30g what they thought it was. Of course they would refund my money, but did I want to cancel that yarn and pick something else instead? I replied that as long as there was still at least 1700y on the cone, I would take it anyway.
The next day, I had an email from Paypal that I'd been refunded the $16 that I had paid for my yarn. Assuming that this meant that there wasn't enough yarn, I went to the website to check out my other options. I somehow navigated my way into my profile, and then into my active orders, and low and behold, the order for that charcoal yarn was put down as shipped.
So.... I'm getting at least 1700y of laceweight merino for free? Wow, neat. They definitely get my return business. They would have anyway, because I'll sacrifice slow shipping for cheaper yarn, but their customer services is excellent. Definitely going back to them.

I don't think I'm going to use the optional beads, because my gaak quotient for this project is filled by never having knit a circular shawl before. I'm excited for this mystery kal.

"This is my escape, I'm running through this world
And I'm not looking back.
'Cause I know I can go where no one's ever gone
And I'm not looking back.
But how will I know when I get there?
And how will I know when to leave?
We've all got to start from somewhere,
It's right there for me.
The possibilities are never-ending!"
~"Endless Possibilities"--Josh Reddick


Owl Chick said...

The Jekyll and Hyde death socks you started are done: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Owlchick/jekyll--hyde

It's a pretty easy pattern; I might do a pair for myself sometime, too.

Donna Lee said...

You might want to see if you can pay for that yarn anyway. It's a karma thing.

Roxie said...

I'm with Donna Lee. At least check and see if they truely meant to send it to you for free.

Snowy nights are sorta magical in a good magic way if it's just pretty fluffy flakes drifting down. If it's a howling blizzard, then it's bad magic. Sounds like Kobold is a sled dog at heart.