Procrastinators Unite!

Well, I intended to make this post on Tuesday and then I just didn't. But now that the snow has piled up outside to over a foot of snow (it's very hard to judge it properly as the wind is strong and the snow is drifting) I have nothing better to do until I go home tomorrow.
Oh, right. Right now I'm house/pet -sitting for my Uncle and Aunt who are down in Virginia for a birthday party. They only have three animals right now: a very needy and hairy cat named Sneezed who does NOT SHUT UP EVER and two purebred rottweilers name Hocus and Pocus. The dogs are almost entirely outdoor dogs, and are not allowed to roam the house. In all fairness, they are so large that they might accidentally rip up the carpet with some gentle playing, but I feel terrible letting them out into this weather. They probably love it though, and those dogs are huge muscular beasts.
Oh, and a side note here. I just spent half an hour thigh-deep in snow that I was NOT prepared to leap through because my uncle forgot to mention that his dogs escape (despite the invisible fence that shocks them when they get too close) and run down the street to play with the neighbors.
How nice.

But! Onward, to TAWD stories.

Taelir was up early that next morning, kicking in doors and waking everyone up. It was about six in the morning, and Morrigan had been up most of the night studying every book she could find on item enchantment. In the end, she was only able to learn how to fortify things, but that extra strength could be the difference between a shattered shield and one more blocked attack. As everyone trudged downstairs to get whatever breakfast might be had at the Green Tree. We asked a special favor of Daven, the owner, who agreed to help us lead our rag-tag army in return for our help in leaving the town without difficulties. The general strategizing began then, interrupted only a few minutes in by a winded messenger reporting that about 50 Troglodytes were marching on the city, and they would make the walls in an hour. Our talking became fast, and our warlord Kailen demonstrated his leadership abilities well here, and quickly organized everyone into doing what they do best.
Morrigan gathered all of the possible healers she could (four field medics) and set them up at the inn, where she had a few people lining up beds and tearing old sheets into strips for bandages. She also helped herd the women and children into the Captain of the Guard's quarters, where she took a few of the oldest, strongest boys to be stretcher bearers for her.
Eris, being very dexterous and good at ranged attacks, led a small team of archers up to the top of the barrier wall, preparing to meet the force head-on as they passed her to reach the entrance, deterred by Xable's clever illusion. He didn't manage to trick them all away from the wall, though, and a few set to work breaking through the strong wood.
Sel'zanath met this force head-on as they broke through, with Daven and about 50 men to back him up. Eris and her archers managed to take out about 10 of the 30 Troglodytes that passed by her, though she lost just as many archers.
Up at the Western gate, where Kailen and the Captain were waiting with Matthias and the rest of the troops, things were going okay. There was a large cauldron of boiling oil waiting for them to get close enough, and even though the two archers responsible for setting them on fire managed to catch themselves on fire, they also managed to fall to their deaths onto the troglodytes, thereby igniting the oil. So, even though they lost their lives, they still did their job.
Morrigan managed to save most of the archers that were injured; they will lead mostly productive lives, though it is likely that none of them will really ever be able to wield a weapon well again.
Taelir was watching from the background, as he so often does, when down from the southern wall we hear a gigantic crash. Women and children come fleeing from the now-damaged captain's quarters, screaming and terrified. Morrigan managed to direct them to the Inn, which was the next safest place, and our party turned to watch as something that we had hoped we'd left behind at the Pillar faced us down angrily.
The Stairs.
A Behemoth that took the malleable shape of Escher-esque stairs had made its home inside the Northern Pillar of Order. Presumably, it had done this to trick prey into dying within it's maze, but with a bit of luck, we had made it out alive without even knowing that it was a monster we were walking on. After our talk with Theo, as we were fleeing the Pillar, the stairs came alive behind us and began a chase. We ducked through the exit portal and ran for our lives. We never heard anything from that monster again, yet here it was, weeks later, staring us down and ready to fight. With another 20 Troglodytes left at the Northern wall and the Western gate, this was the last thing we needed.
We are divided, flanked, and in trouble.

And that was where we cut off for the night. This week's session might not happen, since the parking lot of Bob's apartment doesn't get plowed and with almost two feet of snow, there are very few people who have a tall enough car to make it through. We'll see, though.

"Give me the strength to carry on
With all our love, we can't go wrong
Only together we face the fight
Nothing can stand against our might

With all our strength the battle's won
With all our love, we can't go wrong
We have the strength to carry on"
~"Carry On" from the American Sailor Moon
It's mostly suiting for the fight... just replace "love" with "sarcasm" or maybe "snarkiness". Possibly even "hesitant trust".


Roxie said...

What fun you're having! I see why this game is so addictive.

My favorite motto is, "Dyslexics Untie!"

Donna Lee said...

Sorry about the dogs. That must have sucked.....

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