Who came up with the name "snowpocalypse" anyway?

Well, our second round of Snowpocalypse 2010 has started, and four hours into the snow and we've already got quite an accumulation. It's really coming down out there. Over on the left is a tree outside my front door, posing in its snowy getup. Across the road there were two people who live in my building making a snowman. Kobold showed interest, and since he likes the snow, I took him across to say hello.

Now, the snow over there hasn't been touched by any one since it fell on Friday. When Kobold made it across the road, the snow came up to his shoulders. That didn't stop him, though. He just kept bounding around chasing the snowflakes. It's easy to play with him in this kind of weather. Apparently all you have to do is kick some snow in his face. He chases it, and tries to catch it, and he especially loves eating it. In fact, he knows I love him because I stepped outside to fill his bowl with snow for him to munch on.

New Jersey has apparently declared a state of emergency for seven counties that are being snowed on right now. The main, important things behind this announcement are the fact that now the state can use state money to help pay for all the plowing and other weather-appropriate functions; and that now it is illegal to be driving unless you absolutely have to. Somerdale hasn't started plowing yet, but all the idiots who are still out driving are managing to push some snow around. In a bad way, of course.

Also, the state of emergency means that Pizza hut isn't supposed to open. That doesn't mean that we won't, but we aren't supposed to. I've already told my manager that if we can't dig Patrick's car out I'm not making it in. I am NOT walking there. Ain't no way in hell.

I'll finish off the brief, snow-laden post with a cute snow-dog picture.

Can you see how deep in the snow he is? Yeah. We're getting another 8 inches on top of that.


Roxie said...

I want to see a picture of Kobold tunneling through the snow. Eight more inches should put it over his back. What a charmer!

You are so brave. I would be rolled up in bed with then covers up to my nose and the pillow over my head. Take the day off.

Donna Lee said...

And now it's sleeting. What fun. Yea, a state of emergency is a good thing as I sit here in my warm bed watching the icy coldness outside.

Wasn't snowpocalypse the urban dictionary word of the day?