La Furia Roja

(I apologize in advance: All of my photos have come out blurry apparently. They didn't look it on the camera screen, but there you go.)

This was a nice weekend, for once. I took off Saturday and Sunday for the World Cup. Saturday was to catch up on my incredibly lax cleaning of late, and Sunday was the match. Dad, El, and my friend Caryn were coming over to watch, and I'd set up some snacky things for everyone to eat. My mom warned me Saturday night that I was going to have an extra guest, and so I prepared.

"So where's this party I heard about?" Lulu sauntered into my apartment and looked around. "There's only four people and a sheep here. Are we too early?"
I finished setting out the chips and looked over. "Everyone's here. Patrick will be back from work in a little bit, but this is it."
"Well then, where's the wine?"
"I don't have any."
Everyone was settling in as the pre-game stuff came on TV.
"Hard liquor?"
"Absolutely not. I'm not even of age yet, Lulu."
"Terrible party."

She huffed and settled herself down to watch some TV with us. Kobold got a little interested, and came over to give Lulu a sniff.
Of course, she didn't like it. He was trying to be friendly, but Lulu is only a sheep and he's a herding dog... she gave him such a punch on the nose, he left her alone all afternoon.

As we chatted over the previous games, and discussed what would happen in this one, Lulu suddenly fixed her eyes to the TV.
"Which team is in red?"
"I am supporting them."
Everyone paused.
Caryn raised an eyebrow. "And why is that?"
"That number 7..."
"David Villa," I supplied.
"...He's the most handsome thing on the field. Do you have any Spain jerseys?"

So I dug through my small stash of fabric scraps and managed to come up with some red and white pieces from a costume. And, using the last few minutes before the game started, I whipped together a quick shirt for Lulu to wear. At least she seemed to be getting into the spirit of things...

The game started and we began our own running commentary. Lulu got very excited every time "her David" got the ball, and shouted the most obscene things when the Netherlands "had the gall to block that beautiful shot."
Of course, La Furia Roja and Oranje could not let each other score. If you followed the Cup at all, you of course already know this. The game went 0-0 straight through, and it was an incredibly well-played match. There were so many close calls that Lulu began to complain that her heart couldn't take the strain.
My dad, who was supporting the Netherlands, is one of those guys who favors one side, but praises both teams. I tend to do the same, granting credit for good plays where it is due. Elanor is a quiet observer, reserving commentary and just enjoying the game. Caryn, on the other hand, is a violent sort of fan. She jumps around, cheers, boos, and gets really into the game. She was upset at Spain for crushing Germany, her team of choice, in the semifinals, but could not muster the spirit to support the Netherlands. She was pretty neutral for this game.

But, 118 minutes and a record-breaking 14 yellow cards later, Spain finally makes a goal. Oranje just couldn't get themselves a goal to tie, and that means no penalty kicks.
Lulu was beside herself, something I didn't expect.
"That's my David!"
"Lulu, two things: first, his name isn't Day-vid, it's Dah-veed. He's Spanish. Second, Iniesta is the one that made the goal."
But the truth didn't assuage her glee any.

After thoroughly rubbing it in my dad's face, we wrangled Patrick over to take a group picture. Lulu and I are gloating that our chosen team (and Paul the Octopus's), and Dad is making trouble trying to tickle my knee as punishment.

Shortly after the awards ceremony everyone packed up to head back to whatever they needed to do.

"Thanks for the shirt, kiddo."
"You're welcome. Thanks for coming."
"Shame about the alcohol, but I guess I got the party swinging pretty good anyway."
"... Sure did. Thanks, Lulu."

"Life's a very Sweet and Bitter beauty song.
Nee, kimi nara nani wo utau?"
(So, what will you sing?)
~Sweet Bitter Beauty (Sakurakou Keionbu)


Donna Lee said...

She's a pip, isn't she? I'm letting her come to dinner with us on Saturday night. This should be fun.

Roxie said...

Oh, it's good to see Lulu having so much fun. And what a splendid football jersey. You are a VERY handy girl!!

Jejune said...

Thanks for giving Lulu such a good time! I'm sorry she's so rude, she is a worry. I love the special soccer shirt you made for her!