Koko Attaka na Umi da yo...*

Okay. So, we're standing out front of a reportedly ancient ruin that seems like it may have once been a monastery or holy place of some sort, if the symbol on the ground is what I think it is. We're trapped here and Ben has just disappeared. He is magically gone and Bob wants to kick the crumbling wooden door in.
Is any one else as worried about this as I am? Ben is gone now and we are in a completely different world where we don't belong. Alas, no, apparently not. Bob really wants to kick in the door and Patrick is going along with the idea.
Earlier in the day... Well, night, I guess. It was night at home, but it's midday-ish here, I guess time doesn't sync up the same. I didn't think that Bob would really cause a resonance cascade, let alone that it would somehow teleport us into the D&D world some how.
So, earlier in the, uh... Before all this happened I was pretty sure things like this didn't happen. And now we've ended up in Othello and already we have wrought havoc in a sneaky way. That poor port guard was convinced to turn to a life of crime awfully easily. And really, the guys at the bar didn't deserve to get so thoroughly killed like how the guys left them. I stayed out of the violence and kept watch outside, but even still... the guards here are stupid. I managed to convince one I was his distantly related cousin on vacation with some friends.
And don't get me started on them looting the corpses. Ben looted the cellar and made off with a cart and quite a lot of alcohol. And then we sold it! We set up a stall in the market because my, ahem cousin was suggestible and got us a spot. And we sold the alcohol that Ben had just stolen. For exorbitant prices! One guy gave us a ton of equipment as long as we gave him enough drink to make that dwarven chick over there look good.
And it worked! We are altogether so conniving and convincing (and a low-cut shirt on me isn't such a bad incentive to buy) that we are selling these folk completely shitty alcohol at prices that liquid gold wouldn't sell for.
In the end, we kept ten bottles of what was left (for trading and drinking purposes) and hit up the armor weapon shop. Which is also the fighter's guild. At least we purchased our weapons and armor legitimately.
And then we left Othello behind us. Quickly, just in case.

Three hours later, we are here. In this crumbling ruin with the smashed door that Bob has just kicked in so hard that it flew across the room and shattered against the far wall. And yes, they are intimidating the bookish guy who obviously was only hired to be an extra meat shield. Poor guy. Lucky us, we figured out the secret door into the basement. Bob hazed the guy a bit more and then stole his translation book.
On our way down, we broke a piece of a statue and got a holy symbol that has no meaning to us. And then we set some spiders on fire, and looted what was probably a study. We got some interesting journals recounting times during the Race War** (meaning this place is at least 500 years old). And we found a throne room. Killed some skeletons.
Still no sign of Ben. Where has he gone?
And then, as Bob and Patrick are fighting over who gets to sit in the dilapidated old throne, we hear a voice. Ben comes in like nothing has happened, and suddenly everything is back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be for four people who have been accidentally absorbed into a world that two of them created on a whim.

And that is a summation of the first two AlTAWD sessions. I have picked up a campaign every other wednesday now, titled AlTAWD (Alternate TAWD). The idea is that we have been sucked somehow into the disc world Bob and I created for our TAWD campaign and, uh... we don't know how to get home.
What I have learned about Bob, Patrick, Ben and I is this: if we are given very little to no incentive, alcohol, and/or an annoying NPC, we will start indiscriminately killing and stealing. Seriously. Our first ten minutes into this new world and we're already lying and convincing the severely under-paid port guardian to turn to a life of crime.
And it worked.
This seems like it may be portentous, but of what I am not at all sure.

There has been no knitting. Work has been getting so thoroughly slammed that by the time us waitresses are halfway through Saturday Night (have already dealt with Friday and Saturday morning) we are all seriously considering walking out together. Matt is in trouble with the DM for not having enough staff to run the store, and I take a grim satisfaction knowing that. He has picked up another cook and a CSR/waitress is started her training yesterday. I hope that he plans on getting more people in, because that is NOT enough.

Mukashi minna hitotsu datta sekai
Oide attaka na sora dayo
Long ago, everyone in the world was one
Come on and step into this warm sky

~ Aimo -Tori no Hito- (Megumi Nakajima)

*"We are in a warm ocean..." (it's a line from the end-quote song)
** The Race Wars are a fictional event in the TAWD universe. As you may imagine, it involved every race against each other in the country of Wulfheim, and it lasted for many years and left behind lots of old bases and secret hideouts amongst lesser-traveled areas. The Race Wars ended approximately 500 years ago.


Donna Lee said...

You guys are so creative in the invention of your world. You should think about writing it up and selling it as a dungeon.

Roxie said...

So what happens if you try an honorable and peaceable approach? Sorry, the English major in me keeps wanting to see this whole tale metaphorically.