She said, "Days go by..."

For no easily discernible reason, my schedule at work runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. This is a fact that needs to be explained so that the magnitude of my following statement can be fully understood.

Due to my manager's jerkiness, my schedule has changed and I am working on eleven days of shifts in a row. Normally I would have off Wednesday and Thursday, and then work Friday to Tuesday. But, since ServerN ran her mouth off to her boss, she got fired and until NewGirlA is done training, everyone's picked up extra hours to make up for it. It started last Thursday, with all the snow.
1/26: off
1/27: 11-9 (serve)
1/28: 4-9 (csr)
1/29: 4-9 (csr
1/30: 4-8:30 (csr)
1/31: 10-4 (serve)
2/1: 10-5 (serve)
2/2: 10-4 (serve)
2/3: 12-9 (serve)
2/4: 4-10 (csr)
2/5: 4-10 (csr)
2/6: 3-9 (csr)
2/7: off

Being on day number ten, I can honestly say I have gotten next to nothing done between shifts. My time off at night, or in the mornings has mostly been spent sitting being lazy on the couch. This is above and beyond my normal laziness, which would usually give me a few days to vegetate and then use some of my weekend mornings to get some stuff done.
Yesterday I sat on the couch all day and played video games. Today, I got up, showered, and Patrick and I went to breakfast at IHOP with his cousin Ben. When we got home, I did manage to convince Patrick to wash the dishes today, and I straightened up a bit (read: put away all the things I've left out over the last week) and cleaned my fish tank. Then Ben came over and he and Patrick have been playing video games for most of the afternoon, while I explored the internet and deeply dreaded going in to work.
And, as much as I know tonight is going to be busy, I want to shoot myself in the foot rather than go in tomorrow. Pizza Hut + Super Bowl = Total, Unending Insanity.

The In Dreams shawl's first clue came out yesterday, but I'm still waiting on my beads (had to choose between rent and knitting supplies last check, and a place to live serves me better than a pretty shawl) so I'm going to be a bit behind. But that's okay, it's not a race. I'll take my time and enjoy the project without working myself up into a tizzy trying to finish with everyone else.

Kobold has been pretty tame these last few days, which is a blessing. I don't think I could handle a berserking dog with my energy levels as depleted as they are.

Other than that, there's not much new to report, I'm afraid. Life is chugging on around me and I'm trying to just go with the flow.

At least I have off on Monday. Here's to a peaceful weekend for everyone. If you're the football-loving type, hope you enjoy the game. Take pity on your local food venues and please don't demand much of the workers. Their nerves will be unsteady as it is.
Pizza Hut is running commercials every half hour. I'm not kidding.

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn't believe in transcendence.
'It's time for a few small repairs," she said.
Sunny came home with a vengeance.
~Shawn Colvin "Sunny Came Home"

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Roxie said...

Oh lordy! Put on your Big Girl Panties and your track shoes, because you'll be running your legs off. Bless your heart, sweetie. I hope the big tippers win!