The Hot One

It's been in the high 90's all week, and up into the 100's the last day or two, and the weather is starting to wear on everyone. Customers are a little less patient, coworkers are a little less cheerful, friends are a lot less willing to go out places to hang out. The heat has turned swimming pools into bathwater, and while that feels nice, it's not quite as refreshing as a pool that is, maybe, at 75 degrees instead of 85.
Kobold is stoically withstanding heat. He spends most of his days sleeping or relaxing, and we only take him out on short walks right now. He sleeps in the tub at night, because it is cool. I have unplugged the heater in my fish tank because the water is staying at 80 without the heater's help.

I am tired of talking about how hot it is. It's july. It's summer. It's 100 degrees out. Yes, I know, I left my house today, I felt how hot it is out. Yes, thank you, have a nice day. Hello, how are you? Oh, is it hot out? I had no idea, I thought it looked balmy and comfortable from my spot by the door YES I KNOW IT'S HOT.
Our cooler cases that we keep fresh fruit and other foods in at WaWa are failing in the heat. Last night, we had to empty out the ice cream freezer cases because they weren't keeping temperature any more. That was a mess and a half. The deli is constantly steady with people ordering cold sandwiches because they don't want to cook, and I can't really blame them.
I picked up a shawl pattern and some yarn at Nangellini and I've been knitting on and off as the mood takes me.
Oh, I did move the fry from the breeder net and into the tank. They've almost tripled their size so they're big enough now to escape the biggies and the filter. After the first five minutes of being understandably scared out of their tiny fish brains, they adjusted to a larger space and the bigger fish haven't been bothering them much at all. I have some low-set plants and rocks for them to hide in, and they gravitate there, picking at the algae that's growing in the nooks that the big fish can't get to. Some are brave and swim around all over the place, but they mostly hang together in the back. Once they're a bit bigger I'll be able to sex them and start handing them out to the people who are interested. I decided I wanted to try and hand out same-sex pairs so that no one else had to have a baby-fish-panic moment. That may prove to be a futile gesture, though, because apparently mollies can change their sex.
I figure I'll give away as many as I can, and keep the rest.
Teehee, I like watching them get pushed around by the filter's current. They get flung all over the place.

I've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle
As I go right merrily along.
And they say, 'Oh, ain't you glad you're single?'
And that song ain't so very far from wrong.
~Jingle, Jangle, Jingle (sung by several different people)


Roxie said...

Remember December? It was so cold and grim and slippery and everyone bundled up till you couldn't tell girls from boys? Make a mental picture of July heat and file it away, because December will come again, and the memory of 100 degree days will be such a pleasant contrast!

Love your fish! Please keep us up to date on them.

Love the image of Kobold sleeping in the bathtub!

Donna Lee said...

So, is it hot enough for ya'? I'm tired of people complaining about the heat, too. The weather people are saying this isn't even as hot as last year (and I can't remember last year so it just goes to show you that this all passes from memory no matter how bad we think it is).

My shawl is in a holding pattern as I finish something else first. I like the pattern though.