Day One

Here I am in Wildwood, sitting on the back porch using hijacked internet to visit blogland.
The party yesterday was fun, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. My mom is jealous I get to come down here for several days, but she has always been fond of the beach. They got me a Nook color, aand I got gorgeous cashmere/wool socks. Also $65 in Barnes&Nobles gift cards. I will have many books.

It's almost ten, and Patrick woke up briefly to whine at me for leaving him to come out here. He is sleeping soundly again. When we got in last night there was a storm brewing, so the air was hot and heavy with salt water. Everything smelled like the sea. We unpacked and then settled in to watch an episode of Iron Chef America to relax a bit. Patrick went to sleep after that but I stayed up to read a bit.
Of course I am the first one up today, but that is typical. I usually spend my mornings on the porch here, with the sun in the tree outside and a nice salty breeze. It rained over night, but just enough to clear the humidity. The world is already drying up again. Today we will most likely do nothing, but might take a walk on the beach later this evening, when everyone has gone home.

I think, actually, that our time down here will mostly be like that. And that sounds good to me.

Enjoy your week.

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Donna Lee said...

I love the early morning at the beach when it's quiet and before the heat sets in. Your description sounds just about perfect.

Yep, jealous here but also glad you are getting some much needed down time. You've earned it.