ruminations on the reasons of existence

Well, here I am. With a knitting blog. What a dorky thing for a kid to start the day after her graduation, haha. Oh well. My mother, bless her kind-hearted soul, has dragged me into her knitting world with simple things like a scarf for the bf and cancer caps. Also, the Red Sweater volunteer-thing that I have yet to get yarn and needles for. I barely have a stash. Oh my.

Anyway. The real purpose of this post is to pass on a little information about me and my knitting and other stuff. Really, I could have turned my old myspace account into the knitblog, but since the child-molesters and other unpleasant people took over, I stopped posting. Myspace officially sucks now. (To me, anyway)

I'm an opinionated, quirky girl with a very spontaneous nature. Hence this blog. It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing so that I could post my progress with my first ever pair of socks and also the beret I am knitting for the Tour de France knit along (http://tdfkal.blogspot.com/).
So I'll take some pictures eventually and maybe people will actually see this. If they don't, oh well.

Kate, signing off.