Well, that is my first sock that I ever knitted and the one I talked about ripping in my last post. It's gradient yellows, blues, and greens so the striping is sort of random but very pretty. I'll come back to it eventually, I'm sure. This yarn intrigued me when I went on a yarn crawl with my mother and my sister. It is made with crab and shrimp shells and I'm not quite sure how, but the idea of seafood-yarn made me laugh. I bought two skeins ($16.95 a piece! Owch!) and my mom bought one. We still laugh about it.

And this is the start of my boyfriend's sock. I tried to read the pattern and I'm still lost. I'm going to try to just keep slogging through it and hopefully it will all work out in the end. I really like the yarn (yet another donation from my mom) and if these don't work, I'm going to use it for the socks with removable soles. Possibly for my own use, haha. Also, because of these socks, I have made a discovery: I knit better when I am watching a familiar movie or TV show better than I do while listening to music or something similar. I'm partial to The Lord of the Rings and the original Star Wars. Lately, I've been watching all the behind-the-scenes-super-cool-extra footage on the appendices (we have the extended edition dvds). It's really interesting.
The summer heat has definitely set in here and I am very ready for our window air conditioners to go into our bed rooms. I like being able to sleep comfortably at night, really I do. The BF, who handles the heat worse than I do and who has air conditioning in his house, tells me that I'm over reacting and that it isn't that hot out. I then remind him that NOAA, updated regularly, has the temperature at 83 degrees (which is bearable, though by no means enjoyable) and the humidity at 65%. One thing I hate about NJ weather: our air is never dry unless it's winter.
Oh well. Back to the socks.

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Congratulations on setting up the blog, it looks fantastic!