shore-side antics

We (mom, dad, eldest sister, BF) went to Atsion lake today. It's not really a lake; it's a man-made bulb in Atsion River, which meanders its way down to the Mullica. It's in the middle of the Pine Barr--oops, I mean the Pinelands. They aren't "barren". I was surprised--it was 96 degrees out (about) and it wasn't as crowded as we thought it would be. Though, there was a line of cars waiting to get in.
The weather was beautiful, the water was wonderful, and the sun left me the strangest tan line I have ever gotten. All in all a good day. I worked on my arm warmers (nice thin yarn that didn't sit in my lap is a good thing) when I wasn't swimming with the BF or frying in the sun. Once my first burn of the season is healed I'll do nothing but tan. w00t go me. Haha.

I've finally cast on for the tdf kal and as soon as I have something substantial I'll post pictures. The yarn is really cool! It's fingering weight, though the pattern doesn't call for any specific weight yarn. I'm really excited since this is my first kal. I'm unused to knitting with two regular needles, but I'm re-adjusting to it quickly. It's strange though; the pattern tells you to cast on five stitches and purl one row. Then, for rows 2 and 3, it says to "knit, increase in every stitch but the last (9 sts)" and that's alright. However, when I increase in every stitch, all I'm doing is wrapping the yarn around the needle! Isn't that, well...not right? I'll have to ask my mom tomorrow. Maybe I should have signed up for the maillot blanc...


Donna Lee said...

Yay you for trying a new pattern on your own! Be careful of the blue yarn so you don't get blue fingers.

Meg said...

you can increase a few different ways other than just wrapping the yarn around the needle - try knitting into the front and back of each stitch but the last one?