Knitting ADD-style

The arm warmers are coming along nicely. Just another four inches left and I can cast off. I haven't decided if I wanted to try a pretty little edge when I cast off or just leave it plain. The warmers themselves are fairly plain, so I thought an exciting edge would be nice. I'm not sure yet, though.
Also, I've been working a bit on my beret. It's coming along. I'll have pictures up with my next post, I promise. My camera's memory card is corrupt, so I need to format it or something to be able to use it. Formatting it means that I lose all the pictures that are on it, though. What's on there that's so important, you ask? Otakon. Graduation. Project Graduation. Random pictures. Just memories.
Sorry, it irks me that the card is all messed up.
I've re-started the BF's socks in another color that I think suits him a bit better. I can return my mom's gray yarn now, I bet she'll be happy to get it back, she really liked it.

But that's what my post title is about: ADD knitting. I can't seem to keep myself to one project at a time. It's very difficult because I get so easily bored with something that I drop it for a bit and then go on to something else. It's not one of my better traits, unfortunately. I'm like that with most of my hobbies, especially writing and reading. I'm currently reading approximately 8 books. Now, if you asked me to list them all I'd probably fail, but that's because I'm counting books that I started reading back in April-ish. So I think the list goes something like, The Sword in the Stone, The Robots of Dawn, Fellowship of the Ring (I don't think this should count since I've read it so many times, but what the hey), The Chronicles of Narnia, "And Ladies of the Club...", The Subtle Knife (my current read), and one or two I can't remember off the top of my head.

I've also got some sort of stomach virus that's going around. My mom had it and it gave her extreme intestinal distress. I get it and I have to wash the bathroom rugs because I got sick on them. Just my luck, yeah? I called out of work because I was still really nauseous. I didn't want to, I hate calling out on Mondays and Fridays because I'm always paranoid that the admin at work think I'm just calling out for a three-day weekend, but I doubt that they really want me there to throw up on the kids. So I stayed home today and read, knitted, and worked on my story. I am so tired of saltines and Pepsi right now I don't even want to look at the ones on my desk.
Speaking of desk, I really need to organize this thing. It's a mess.

Okay, I'm off to do a bit more knitting and a bit more writing. Post with pictures soon.

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Donna Lee said...

Having more than one project going at a time seems to be the norm for most knitters. I am a one-project-at-a-time person. I like to finish what I start before going onto something new. Unless a gift giving occasion comes up. I don't think more than one thing on the needles at a time is a bad thing, as long as you finish something sometime.....