Does Missouri even have a temperature?

So I've been working on my "Dinner and a Drink" armwarmers while I was talking to a friend of mine in Missouri. On a whim, I had her measure the circumference of her hand just below her thumb, and, upon discovering it matched mine, decided to make the armwarmers for her. Then I wondered something. "Does it get cold in Missouri?" I mean, I know next to nothing about that state. I can't even remember the capital from 8th grade geography. It's one of those places that you know exists, you just don't quite understand how or why. Kind of like Canada.

I honestly have no clue if it does get cold, but I would assume so. Even if it doesn't get much more than chilly, these are some pretty pieces of knitting.

She loves the picture I sent her and she's amazed by the fact that its hand spun and dyed. Though I can see why...she grew up in mainstream LA, so I'm assuming she didn't run into any quaint little downtown knitting stores. She's also not the kind of person to knit. Oh well. I'll convert her one day, just like all my friends. That's my life's goal now, to convert all my friends into knitters. Or at least the BF. He needs to knit. Because I say so.

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