Adventures in Knitting

Let the frantic strikking begin! Yay for knitting in other languages. My socks qualify for Julie's strikke-along because:
1- the original pattern is snowflakes, and it snows in Scandinavia
2-they're thick wool socks, and I'm sure they wear lots of those up there
3-Viggo Mortensen has not stoped dancing through my head while I knit these since I started. And everyone loves Viggo.

Well, I'm on the second pattern repeat of my shiny new pointsettia (snowflake) socks and they're just so wonderful looking! I've never done stranded color before and I had myself convinced it was going to be the most difficult thing EVER. Like, even harder than my chemistry final. And you know? It wasn't that hard to pick up. The hardest part is that the two strands of yarn keep twisting together and I have to stop at the end of each row to untwist them.

Picture time!

I'm so proud of these socks! Look, look, isn't that pattern awesome? Don't the colors look good together? I know, I know. "It's just a sock, Kate."
But it's SO COOL.

At first, I was afraid that the socks would be too tight and uncomfortable on my feet, but so far they're more strechy than I expected. Even my mom said it, but hers will fit better over her bum ankle since she upped the needles half a size.

The insides are really cushy because there's an extra layer of yarn behind the pattern. That's okay, though. It's like having leg- and foot-padding.

I'm so excited about these socks! Aren't the AWESOME?!

And, just for kicks:

These...plant....things are in a wetlands-like area near my house (I see them all the time on the way to work in the mornings) and I have no idea what they are. They look like carnivorous plants. Maybe I should get someone I don't like to poke them...? It's like the pod-people movies all over again. I bet those innocent-looking bulbs are growing human clones as I type this.

Should I prepare for the apocalypse? I know how to kill a zombie, and I know that if velociraptors come I'm just going to off myself before they diembowel me and eat me alive. But man-eating clone-plants? I don't know much about them. Hmm...


Julie said...

YAY!! Awesome socks! If they're stretchy, in stranded color, you're doing very well.

If you can get a closeup of those plant pods, I might be able to guess what it is - I've studied botany and horticulture.

Then again, I might not. But I'm curious.

Caroline said...

Your socks look great! I should really get a picture up of my own pair sometime soon...

Donna Lee said...

So, who do we get to poke the pods? I nominate She Who Shall Not Be Named. We wouldn't miss her anyway. And I am sure a flame thrower would solve most plant involved problems.