WARNING: This post contains copious complaining!

I am completely unable to sleep tonight. It's bothering me! I don't know why, but every time I close my eyes, I wake up just a little bit more. I've tried knitting (finished the third pattern repeat on the pointsettia socks, pictures tomorrow), reading, drawing, listening to music, watching a movie...everything! I finally broke down and took some Melatonin, more than usual. I hope that it will start to work soon, I have to get up early for work tomorrow! Or, er....today.

Also, jealous boyfriends are so troublesome. I'm going out with a bunch of people from work (There are about 10 of us) for dinner at Applebee's, and he's all jealous that he can't go. First off, because of where I work, there are two guys in the building. Two. Out of, let's say...20 workers. Ed isn't going. Joe, the guy in PreK with me, organized it. We were joking with him about being the only guy and walking in with a whole bunch of women. Male-counterparts were invited, but no one's bringing anyone. Besides, he works! Grr. Men are so confusing sometimes.

In addition, telling time in Japanese is confusing! Colleen (em's bf's older sister, my sensei) is teaching me Japanese. And I've just reached the lesson where I learn to tell time. It's hard! Depending on odd or even times, morning or night...everything is said differently. She's coming down Sunday to help me, though, so hopefully I'll work things out.

Ahh...work is frustrating to me right now, since the head PreK teacher is not a particularly likeable person. She speaks to the kids like they're dogs ("Come, *name*") and she tries to guilt me into doing all her work for her since the other morning teacher is away on her honeymoon. It's driving me crazy! She treats everyone, teachers included, like...well, kids! They're four, almost five for god's sake! Every day, she reads them very childish, boring books and then wonders why they don't pay attention when she reads, but they're nice and attentive when I read (things like The Butter Battle Book (Seuss) and the Berenstain Bears). I kept thinking of a quote I saw in a book of them my mom has.
"Babies do not want to hear about babies, they want to be told of giants and castles." (Samuel Johnson)
I was always like that as a child, so I know how they feel. I mean, I was reading The Hobbit in third grade, with my mom's help. And that's not exactly a little kid's book. Granted, I was an ambitious reader. As the youngest, my two older sisters would constantly read things for me while I was trying. Or so I've been told, I don't remember that far back in my life very well.

Ah...I was thinking that maybe I should end every post with a quote, since they fascinate me and I collect them. Maybe other people do, too...? I don't know, but I'll start with one of my all-time favorites.

"I regard myself as an 'optimist.' And optimist is someone who knows how sad a place the world can be--a pessimist is the one who is forever finding out."
~Peter Ustinou

PS: Sorry, Julie, they cut the pod plants down! Because the people who live on the edge of that area complained that the overgrowth was unsightly, they cut a whole bunch of it back. And I can't even find the remains. So no close-ups for me.


Donna Lee said...

One of my favorite quotes as well. But it's Peter Ustinov. Now I have to go off and look for more miracles. There are millions and millions of them everywhere!

Julie said...


But, if I were guessing, I'd say they were milk weeds. It's the right time and place for them, and they do look like that. I think. Haha.

Hope you eventually get some sleep.