Little-known 8

Well, my mom got tagged, and I'm bored, so here goes. Eight little-known things about myself. I'm a pretty simple person...can I come up with 8?

1. I escape into books because I can't take my own adventures. My friends are all amazed that I read so fast. I always say that I read a lot, and practice makes perfect. They then ask why I read so much. The answer is because I can't go off on my own adventures. My favorite kind of books are fantasy. Redwall is especially a favorite, the whole series. Despite the main characters being animals, they have spectacular travels and epic battles and even a small bit of romance here and there. I'm jealous of the characters.

2. I'm a 'collector.' It's true. I hate throwing or giving things away. I get so attached to my things that I feel bad getting rid of them. That's why I have half a book shelf of manga that I don't follow any more, and bottles of a sort of novelty japanese soda. This is also why I have so many stuffed animals.

3. I write myself into my own stories. Even if the main protagonists are nothing like me, or seem to be my total opposites, There is always a bit of me in there. Whether it's a snappy retort that I would have come up with, or a small habit or characteristic of mine.

4. I can't grow plants to save my life. If the fate of the world rested upon my ability to keep a plant alive for more than three months, I'm really sorry but we should maybe start preparing for death. I just can't keep them alive. The plant I currently have has had a record life span here of about six months and I'm greatly confused. Asparagus ferns really like warm, humid climates so why it's managing to hold on in my cold, dry room is really a mystery to me.

5. I'm a sucker for a good romance. I can't help it. Sappy stuff gets to me.

6. I have to repeat myself a lot for my friends. I manage to speak above their level sometimes. I have to go back and explain what I was saying. Oops.

7. I rarely match my socks. Unless I can find the match within five minutes, I grab whichever one is closest and wear them. Red with a frog or white and striped, doesn't matter.

8. I had a really hard time coming up with this. I said I was a simple person. There's not much about me that people don't know. I'm very open.

Well, that's all I can think of. It was a stretch for 8.

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