A Picture Post

Knitting update:

I finally finished the toe of my pointsettia sock this morning after putting if off for weeks. One sock down, one to go. If I keep going at this pace, I may have the other one done by June! And yes, that is my foot modeling it, and my desk really is that messy. I'm a clutter kind of person. I lost Colleen's Slytherin Fibonacci One-Row Sequence House scarf. Yes, I lost it. Needles and all. I found the yarn I was using for it, but the scarf has magically disappeared. So I started a new Slytherin One-Row House scarf, minus the Fibonacci sequence. It was cool, but way too confusing to do all that math. If you didn't know, I hate math with a passion. I hate math the way Harry hated Snape up until the last minute. Yeah. Anyway. All the pictures I took of it are blurry and discolored. When it stops raining I'll take a picture outside.

I've finished Gio's gift, a cute ------. He's got a link to my blog, though I don't know how often he reads it, so I have to block out anything that might give his gift away. No pictures of the ------, sorry. I'll post some after Christmas, though, I promise!

We got out the decorations yesterday, my mom and I. This is just about all of them unpacked on the floor and waiting to be put out. We've got six boxes of decorations, and one and a half of them hold my dad's collection of penguins. My dad likes penguins, kind of, and my Aunt Joan, wonderful woman that she is, loves to find the strangest ones every year. We get at least two every Christmas. We started to run out of places to put penguins this year. We've got a bunch in the bathroom and a bunch on the entertainment center, and a whole lot of stuffed ones floating around.
We have stockings and garland with lights (sorry about the sideways picture)...
An incredibly helpful cat...
And a vodka/condom star! Well, I think it's a snowflake? I don't know. We found it a few years ago in an Absolut ad, and it's made, if you look closely, out of vodka bottles of varying sizes. It's actually rather pretty. Someone pointed out once that they looked like condoms. They kind of do, actually, which is only slightly disturbing.

And, now that the Christmas music is unpacked, rousing choruses from my mom and I of The Chieftans' version of The Saint Stephen's Day Murders, a favorite of ours if for no other reason than because it is so strange. I need to copy a whole bunch of our CDs to my mp3 player so that I can listen to something other than the usual tinny, overplayed music that the mall broadcasts. I'm really tired of it.
It's Chrismas time now, and I think shopping will start soon. I'm not sure anyone has gifts started yet, short of me with Gio's and El's on the way ( I had to order it online, it was the only place to find it). Ah well. Gio got snapped at earlier in the week for walking into my bedroom after I called three times for him not to come in because a) it was a complete mess and b) his gift was sitting there in plain sight. It's getting to be the time of year when you can't walk into someone's room without knocking. Whee!
"There are no small parts, only small actors."
-Mr. Patrick, my English teacher, my Drama teacher/director, a really awesome guy


Donna Lee said...

So thanks for using all the photos! Now I will have to take more.

Em said...

Mmmm, Christmas! Mmmm, SOCKS!!!

Lizbeth said...

You write very well.