Is it a bad sign when you discover (or rather, remember) that you're going on a car trip with your BF to pick up a TV from someone and you immediately think that you can't do your current project in the car and start digging through your stash to find something simple and easy to cast on?

I didn't really think so.

Also, I lose scissors so often that trying to find them again is driving me to distraction. The room that I spent three days cleaning is a mess from me tearing it apart trying to find my scissors. And my pen knife, which I often use in place of scissors.

"Sanity calms, but Madness is more interesting."
-John Russel

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Roxie said...

Take a long, brightly colored ribbon and tie it through the handles of your scissors in a loop. You can drop it over your neck while using the scissors, so they are always hanging handy, and if you have put them down somewhere, the ribbon makes them easier to find.