Despair. I has it.

Well, we finished breaking up the calendar store today. All that's left are some boxes of calendars ready to be whisked away by Fed-Ex and pieces of displays/shelves to be taken by Borders Grunts. I feel bad leaving Borders behind, more than I did at the pet store because I like Borders a lot. I love books (even shelving the childrens section, which is made of four other sections combined and is totally back-asswards), I'm good with people, and the people that worked there are nice. Oh well. The Great Job Hunt begins anew.

Now that Em has moved out, I'm over-hauling my room to move it back the way I like it. My parents offered me our entertainment stand and tv for when I play my ps2 (since we don't watch tv), but I declined and BF has offered me a 27" instead of the 36" I'm letting Em and Jim take if they want it. I'm trying to move my room around while I have time, because I know my parents would like that stuff out of the rec room. My room is getting cleaner, though it's still an abominable mess. I'm also trying to clean it up quickly because my dad gets all twitchy when he sees it this messy. I am making progress, though. Honestly.

The weather this week is strange. It made it to 70 today. It's a blue sky with some wispy clouds and lots of sun.
Does anyone know what happened to January?
Anyway. I said I would post some pictures, and so here we go. I can't post any picures of the hat I knit for the polyanna at Borders because I didn't take any before I wrapped it. The woman who recieved it said that it was warm and she loved it, though. Mission accomplished. Then she said that she washed all her wool things with Wool-ite or whatever it is. I winced and tried to dissuade her from doing that, but she insisted. So when her hat felts, she'll wish she had listened and read the instructions for washing that I included.

Right. Pictures.

This lovely basket is a Christmas gift from my mom. It's supposed to be for my yarn and other knitting things, but, uh....it doesn't hold them all, so I still have two boxes of stuff next to my book case. That's okay, though, because the basket is pretty and it's good for keeping common-use things in easy reach. When Em and I saw these oddly-shaped things wrapped in trash bags Christmas morning we kind of guessed what they were. It's hard to hide baskets, but my mom did an admirable job with everything else.

That right there is my wrap. I don't really need one right now because it's so warm, but New Jersey weather is a fickle thing. Tomorrow, it could be thirty and blizzarding. You never know. I made it up as I went along, so if you ask me for the pattern my response will be, "knit some, purl some, throw in a cable somewhere, then purl and knit some more. Repeat until it looks right."

This is a slightly blurry close up of one of the cables. This yarn is so pretty. It's very earthy to me, and I think I might have to go back and buy more. Not even because I might need more to finish the wrap, though I might, but because I really love it. It's Patons, so it's 100% wool and I'm not looking forward to trying to block it. It'll be....unique, I'm sure.
And this month's Art Walk sock yarn is Flaming June. When I went to take a picture of it, I discovered it gone from my basket! It had escaped into a nearby tree, I assume for some sun bathing. I'll have to keep it on a short leash if I ever take it outside again.

And, keeping my mom's theme of smiles, this post's quote is:
"A smile is the shortest distance between two people." (unknown)

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