Short Post ftw!

Last night, my dad called me into his room to talk about Emily behind her back. Actually, we were just talking about how we're going up to her house for her birthday and my mom mentioned something called EarthHour. March 29, at 8 PM, I am turning off the lights in my house and lighting a few candles. Will you?
...That sounded really cheesy. Go check out the website and watch the video. I think I want to take this to the local high school administration and see what they say about talking to the students about EarthHour. Dr. Vespi is a pretty awesome superintendent (better than the one I had my first three years there) and I think he'd support it. Maybe.

Knitting is going, well, knittingly. I had to rip back on the hp socks because I didn't do the decreases at the foot quite right, but that's okay. We aren't putting emphasis on harry potter in the costumes anymore because it's just so much easier to do a plain gothic lolita style. I'm still knitting the socks, but now there isn't a mad rush to get two pairs done for Otakon. My shawl is still on the needles and in the works and I'm starting a blanket to use up all my scraps and acrylic yarn. It's a sort of log-cabin pattern.
Pictures will be forthcoming.

"The history of a nation is only the history of its villages..."
-Woodrow Wilson

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