I'm sure most of you know this already, but it is very hot. Excessively so. The temperature went up from a tolerable 80-something to almost 100 in two days. And today's heat index prediction from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is 109 degrees. The local schools are letting their kids out early because of the head advisory and the fact that their air conditioning never really works. Ever.
Speaking of failing air conditioning, Pizza Hut is like standing next to an oven. Literally. The oven gets to 450 degrees, and with a dying air conditioner, we can only get our temperature down to the mid-80's. And I have to wear jeans. Well, jeans are better than black pants, but only slightly. Also, I ride my bike to work. This means I get there and I'm already crazy over heated. I'm trying to get there early enough that I can change (I'm not riding in jeans, do you think I'm crazy?) and sit and down about four cups of water before I have to clock in and start.
The inspection went well. We failed, but we knew we would. Matt gave us all CHAMPS cards thanking us for our "hard work." Added to the ones we wrote for each other, that brings my total to 3. CHAMPS stands for something, though I don't remember what. It's basically a little card that you write a message on telling someone they did a good job. One of those "I recognize you!" things.

Emily got me fuzz. Alpaca fuzz. Isn't that great? I'll take pictures when I'm no so sweaty the fleece will stick to me.


Em said...

FUZZ!!! Fuzz for you. Don't worry, it's nonperishable, you can leave it sit and be scenic until the weather cools down again, in about six months or so. I feel your pain about being hot at work, I have only long sleeved uniform shirts, and our air-conditioning is spotty at best.

Donna Lee said...

I will think of you when I move back into my icebox of an office this week and have to pull out my sweater all day.
And yay for fuzz! We'll have some fun playing with that.

0p4k3 said...

Working in an industrial kitchen area sucks, I used to work in all phases of a restaurant so I feel your pain. Suck up the AC while you can, cause it gets to about 130 degrees in a kitchen with no AC. Fun times! But hey, at least you're making some money right??