It seems to be the fashion to post about your new shoe acquisitions, and so here I go.

Recently I went out with my mom with the sole purpose of purchasing one, maybe two pairs of sandals. The first was to be a pair I could wear with the three summer dresses that I own. The second should be a pair of casual, throw-on-and-go shoes that I could wear out to the pool, or out to the mall, etc.

Before I show you what I've obtained, let me show you what I already have. Be warned: I'm a sneaker kind of girl. I generally don't wear sandals or heels. So here we go:

From left to right, we have my slip-on sneaker-like shoes, a Target acquisition; snow boots that were a (much, much appreciated) christmas gift two years ago; my dansko mary janes that I wear to work because they're black (mostly) and non-slip; my other danskos that I have no intention of wearing in the summer because they are very hot shoes; a pair of wedge heels that I got for the crazy-sale-price of $9.50 to wear specifically with a dress that no longer fits me and has been gotten rid of; the shoes to go with my prom dress....and not much else; black slip-on flats that I don't wear often because they have no support; and, of course, my sneakers. It's a sad little collection, I know.

So, here's hoping that my shoe collection will be looking up now:

The dress shoes. They're cute, they're comfortable, and no, Emily, you can't borrow them. In case you were wondering. I know the way your mind works when you see shoes.

The Boscov's sale sandals that called out to me and beckoned my wandering-shoe soul to purchase them. Obviously, their siren call was not beyond me. I love them to death and have worn almost nothing else since their purchase.

And, of course, the economy throw-them-on-in-a-hurry-and-go sandals. They blister the bottom of my heel, because there is a very odd seam there, but that won't take much to fix.

The Tour de France KAL is fast approaching and I am ready to cast on my socks. I open on Saturday (after closing the night before, stupid schedule) so I won't be able to cast on until Saturday evening. But the yarn is sitting balanced on some sock needles artfully jabbed in the ball right here on my desk, just waiting to be knitted. But in the mean time, I have another project that is calling my attention. I think that I shall go eat some breakfast, put in Sense&Sensibility and do some knitting. I'm in a Jane Austen mood.

"Reality is only just a word."
~ Harry Chapin, Corey's Coming


betseydoodle said...

Hi! I'm on your TDF team...
You got me thinking I might want to go watch the entire A&E Pride & Prejudice :)

I'm ready to go as well on my TDF project! Bonne Chance!

Aknita said...

I am waiting for my yarn to arrive for the KAL, then hopefully if I can come up with a crochet chain I shall be ready!

Love your new sandals.

Rose Red said...

Oooh, a shoe parade!! I like the new wedges especially - very cute and summery!