I have a hurricane in me that would strip Spain...!*

Ahhh, my friends suck sometimes. Portugal played Germany today and lost, 3:2. I can't believe they lost to Switzerland just four days ago, and then had to go and lose today. In a quarterfinal game. They've really let me down this year, it's such a shame. Caryn has been rubbing it in my face that her team beat mine for about half an hour now, and Corey (who is not into sports of any sort at all) feels no pity for me. He won't even fake it to make me feel better. What great friends, yeah?

My mom and I watched Elizabeth the Golden Age tonight and it was really good. I saw the first Elizabeth with her a few months ago when she got it from Netflix for me, and then Golden Age came out and we had to watch it. It's been sitting on her dresser for a few days now, but we just hadn't gotten around to watching it. It was a bit bloodier than I would have enjoyed, but it was good nonetheless. Cate Blanchett is, as my mom said, "striking" as Queen Elizabeth. I highly recommend the movie.

I got my hair cut today. It needed to be done; I've been holding out and holding out to wait as long as I could to get it done before Otakon, but it was really starting to drive me crazy. I got it a bit longer than I really wanted, but I need to be able to pull it back for work. I can, it makes a choppy little pony tail that sticks almost straight out from the back of my head now. It's just above my shoulders now, and cut in layers. I love my hair short.

"What're those on the roof of the ---- school?"
"They look kind of like ceiling tiles."
"Oh, no. They're baby coffins."
"Say that again to make sure I heard you right?"
"They're baby coffins."
--A conversation between Caryn and I from earlier this evening

*The full quote is "I have a hurricane in me that would strip Spain if you would dare try it!" (from Elizabeth)

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