Monkeys out of Nowhere

I opted at the last minute not to do polka-dot socks as I don't think I can adequately race through them. Instead, I'm doing a pair of (green, to match my jersey)Cookie A's Monkey socks. I'm using Dream In Color's Smooshy yarn, and boy is that an accurate name. It is soft and lovely to use. I've got Spring Tickle, which is all sage and olive greens. It's delightful to use. No pictures yet, but they'll be coming along in the next post, I promise. Maybe even later today...?

Emily and I are going to visit my Aunt Joan today. This is double-awesome because I haven't seen my aunt Joan in ages, and I haven't seen Emily for more than half an hour since March. After the visit, we're going shopping, as Em got her Bush Money Check and needs clothing. It sounds to me like a nice sister's afternoon.

It's supposed to be stormy and terrible today, but then be 91 and overcast tomorrow. Oh, how I love New Jersey weather.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in posession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."
~Jane Austen, Pride&Prejudice


Mel T said...

Hi! I'm Melanie on your team, in France! I LOVE the name smooshy yarn.

Go team!

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Aknita said...

I've knitted with DIC Smooshy twice now and it's a lovely yarn. I've knitted Monkey socks recently too, a great pattern. Looking forward to seeing them.