"Sometimes, when I'm really upset, it helps to just yell, "AAAAAAHHHHHH!""

What? What do you mean Otakon is in five days? OH CRAP.

Yeah. Otakon is almost here and I am just about done all of my costumes. Unfortunately, I still have one wig to dye and three to finish styling still. But I have help with that, at least. Thank god. I thought that since I've been talking about these costumes without giving you any idea as to what they are, this post I'd talk a little bit about the people I'm dressing up as. First, a note about cosplay.

Cosplay is short for costume play. It started, in all honesty, in the star trek and sci-fi conventions in America where people would dress up as star fleet members or jedi or whoever. In Japan, it started with anime conventions. People would dress up and act out skits on stage. At Otakon, this is called the Masquerade, and yes. We're all entered in it. I'll explain about our plans for that in a bit.

On Friday, the first day, we're dressing up as characters from a show called Bleach. This is a recently popular anime in America, and I have to say I do like it quite a bit. I'm dressing up as Soi Fong, because she's short, skinny, and angry all the time. Sort of like me, minus the angry. In the original manga, her outfit is like in the picture.... skimpy. The anime added a white tube top to make her look less like a whore, but it's also very out of place looking. I'm crossing the two (don't worry, there will be plenty of pictures when I get back).
Saturday, we're doing the gothic lolita and the masquerade. I can't adequately explain these outfits, so you'll have to wait for pictures. They're cute, though.
Sunday, the last day, we're doing the easy comfortable costumes because we won't be doing much other than snatching up last bits in the dealers' room. We decided last year that we wanted to do the Turks from Final Fantasy 7. The Turks are a group of bodyguard-thug-assassins that work for Rufus Shinra, the rich jerk in the game that gets his comeuppance in the end. I am going as Reno (which means I'm cross-dressing, because yes that is a man). My friend Brandon is going as Rude, Reno's much-abused partner in the organization. Reno breaks his glasses a lot, and he really likes them. But he always has a backup pair. Anyway, I get to shave him bald. This brings me much glee for some reason.
Dressing as a man means that I must bind my chest. This is exactly what it sounds like, and I'm lucky that I'm not gifted with large tracts of land because that makes it so much easier. I can get away with using an ace bandage to hold everything down. My friend uses two ace bandages, the waist from a pair of stockings, and then another ace bandage. And even then, she's still kind of lumpy in the chest.
Poor girl, she has to do it twice.

"This is my story. It'll go the way I want it.... or I'll end it here."
~Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

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