Communist zombies are a big problem, you know

I've been slacking in my knitting lately, but I've picked up again with my start at Day By Day Calendar Co. It's a nice, tedious, horrifically boring job this early in the holiday season, which is okay with me. I am, however, irked that they expect me to stand around for five (or more) hours doing nothing. But then, I have knitting to occupy my time. Now then, to work on getting a stool...
Yes, they expect me not to sit down. Also, apparently, not to go to the bathroom. There is one person manning the calendar store at the time. Normally, we are a kiosk sitting out in an awkward position where we get mild traffic. Now, we've taken over an empty sore (barely a third of the space) where we get NO traffic because people forget or don't notice that we're there. The store we took over was once a GStreet, and it had been empty for almost a year before we claimed it as our own, gutted it, left over half of it empty, and settled in. In all that time it was unused, no one has cleaned the employee bathrooms. No one. One of the toilets in the back doesn't stop flushing. Ever. The other looks like something you'd find in a 50-year-old abandoned house. And I refuse to clean them. One, because that would take forever and I'd leave the store unmanned, and Two, because it's not my job to provide myself with a bathroom. So I stand around for a five hour shift by myself without a useable toilet.
And now I'm told they want me to leave my back in the back room at Borders. The unlocked, mostly unsupervised back room which is not where I am. This made me uneasy, and I told my manager so. Apparently they think we're all going to steal calendars or something. If it comes down to it, I will fight leaving my bag there until they threaten to fire me. I've had my stuff stolen before, and I don't want to chance it again.

Well, on to the knitting.

About two Christmases ago, I found a pattern for a knitted dragon. Gio, whom I was dating at the time, liked dragons. So I made it. He loved it. Not too long ago, I knit one for Corey as well, as he is a big fan of dragons. Now I am knitting one at the request of my mom so she can pass it on to a friend for her daughter. Also, my current boyfriend (his name is Patrick) wants one now. My dragons are popular.
I am plugging along in the wildflower shawl, though I have no pictures. I'm also casting on a pair of socks to work on when I tire of the shawl. The socks have a time limit that is closer than the shawl, so I might work on them more than anything else.

Well, that's about it for now. The weather has been absolutely lovely for fall in New Jersey, and I am enjoying it rather a lot. I've been trying to find a day when all my friends have off so we can go picnic in Batsto, but our schedules are so erratic that the only time we all can get together regularly is late at night. It's unfortunate, and grates rather on my sleeping schedule.

"I'll pick up milk, too, 'cause you're out. You can't have donuts without milk."
"Indeed. Who eats donuts that way?"
"Zombie Communist Corey."
-Bob, Caryn, Patrick and I talking last night before I ran out to buy donuts (mmm entenmanns) and milk,

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