When Did October Get Here?

I've spent most of this month saying, "It's sucha nice day!" as I wandered around in a tee shirt and jeans. It's been an absolutely gorgous month so far, much more like September than September itself. It has, however, suddenly become October again. It's approximately 38 degrees outside, which is a bit chilly, and it makes me want hot chocolate and a good book while I curl up under the covers on my bed and be glad that the outside is just that--outside.
Right now, however, I have bogarted my boyfriend's laptop because my computer is currently having an overhaul. I've had the pieces to build a new machine for about two months now, and I'm finally getting my dad to help me do it. Meanwhile, my other computer has been raided for the hard drives and neither one is useable right now. So, alas, I have to borrow someone else's technology for right now. I should be able to use it by Tuesday, though, which is nice. I can't wait to see how the new computer works; my E*Machine isn't a bad computer, it's just not able to keep up with what I want it to do, and now it's been giving me problems with the internet. So why not just put together my pieces while I'm having problems with the old one?
It all works out in the end.

On the knitting front, most of my friends are getting hand-knit gifts for Christmas this year, and it shows because I've been looking up patterns on the internet with most of my spare time. I can't say anything here, because the ones who matter read my blog and it would spoil the surprise. But they will be awesome!

I'm going to try and go up next weekend with my parents to visit Emily. I haven't seen her in a while, and (don't tell her this) I miss her. We need to chat and catch up. Mostly I want to see how her knitting has been going. She blocked some mysterious scarf with safety pins. I wonder how that worked out...?

Well, Patrick is looking decidedly bored as he looks over my shoulder and reads as I type this, so I think I'll cut it short here. Have a pleasant week, everyone!

"The world ends with you. If you want a better world, the expand your horizons."
--Mr. Hanekoma, 'The World Ends With You' (it's my new videogame addiction)

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