Children carry through the streets
A brilliant painted star
Angels gather round the hearth
Strumming on guitars
Men of great renown and faith
Say prayers on boulevards
Its the night before Christmas

But you don't have to be an angel
To sing harmony
And you don't have to be a child
To love the mystery
And you don't have to be a wise man
On bended knee
The heart of this Christmas is in you and me

The night before Christmas
The night before Christmas

If your hearts been longing
And you've been afraid to try
Sorrows kept you company
And the dance has passed you by
Ill lift you up and blaze with you
Across the moonlit sky
On the night before Christmas

cause you don't have to be an angel
To sing in harmony
And you don't have to be a child to love the mystery
And you don't have to be a wise man
On bended knee

The heart of this Christmas is in you and me

I remember hearing this song sung by Carly Simon so far back it seems like I've heard it forever. My mom likes it, and so do I. It's one of the songs that I actually look forward to hearing around this time of year, and it sends this message of Christmas spirit that I've always believed was truly what the holiday is about. So what if you're a grown-up? Your face still glows like a child's when you open that present you've been waiting for forever. You still go, "Oooh..." when you get a new toy (be it a new set of knitting needles, or a woodworking tool, or a sketchbook, or any other thing you've been looking forward to).
Christmas has never been a religious thing in my family. We find our holiday enjoyment in the family aspect of the holiday, and I personally have no greater pleasure in the year than the weeks preceding and following Christmas day. The secrecy, the expectancy, and all the fun that comes with finding and wrapping presents is what really does it for me. Sure, traffic can be annoying, especially when the other people on the road aren't paying attention. But the brief moment of anger that may elicit is nothing compared to finding that perfect present for someone, that one thing you know they'll use and admire and show off until it's worn away to nothing.
I especially like hand made gifts, even if they aren't special. Time and thought had to go into them, and that just makes me smile every time.

I only had one thing on the list for Christmas knitting, and I'm sad to say that it has been moved to birthday knitting.

Work has been hellish and erratic at best, but the hours are mostly worth it.

I got a red plaid shirt yesterday for my mom. No, she doesn't generally wear a lot of plaid. Actually, I believe that the only plaid shirt she owns has one button and she wears it while dyeing her hair. But it's not for her to wear. Rather, it's to make her another Tiny Plaid Ninja. Follow the link to see what I'm talking about. She has a blue one that I gave her some time ago, but alas, I did not have any red plaid to make a second one. The next one to make will be floral, and then argyle. I'm excited.

"There is nothing more wonderful than being a child on Christmas."
-I forget who

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Donna Lee said...

Oh, my Katie. You bring me such joy. You hit the nail on the head and I'm so glad you get it. Christmas isn't for kids, it's for everyone. And I'm looking forward to the red plaid ninja. But now that you have a sewing machine, it shouldn't take too long.....