Just Your Basic Protest Song

I had originally planned my next post to be a deep, wise contemplation on growing up and becoming an adult, and what exactly that means to me, but I just don't feel like being overly serious right now. I have work in a little bit, so this post will most likely be rather short, but I haven't posted in a while and thought I should.

I missed May Day, so I'll have to settle for Free Comic Book Day, which is just as good. Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May, and it's set up so that indie comic book artists can get some business. They send boxes of their comics to various stores, who then give them out for free. This gets their material circulating, and hopefully garners them some interested customers.
Bob, Caryn, and I are going to a game store later today called All Things Fun to pick up some free comics. Vader's 501st Legion will be there, and that will be a lot of fun for me. I'm a big fan of Star Wars (even if George Lucas is murdering that cash cow) and the 501st is a group of professional cosplayers in movie-grade costumes. In the Star Wars Clone Wars series as well as the Expanded Universe, there is a 501st that serves under Darth Vader, known as Vader's Fist. They are reputed to be the strongest soldiers in the galaxy, and are named after this group. Cool, huh?
That's my geek side out of the way.
Knitting hasn't progressed at all lately, but I haven't had a whole lot of time to do it. I've picked up a few extra and rather odd hours at work, so that makes organizing my schedule to be able to see my family and friends a very tricky business. Other hobbies of mine are continuing to force their way into my free time, though. I'm writing a short story of no real consequence; it's just something to get my fingers a-tappin' on the keyboard and keep my creative juices flowing. I'm also drawing, though not much and it's only doodles. But they're silly doodles and they make me laugh.
Ah, time flies when you're blogging. I have to run off to work now. Hooray.

In case I don't get any blog-worthy pictures, this is the NJ/NY: Northeast Remnants Garrison.

"I get to see Vader's 501st tomorrow! I'm excited."
"Do you know Star Wars?"
"Uh. Kind of."
"Darth Vader?"
"Yeah, the guy in black."
"Yes. Well. How about Storm Troopers?"
"The white guys?"
"In the armor, yeah."
"There is a group that are professional cosplayers--they do this as a job, almost--to dress up as Storm Troopers for various things."
"Oh. Why?"
"Because they like to."
~A coworker and I, who just didn't get the novelty of the thing.


Roxie said...

I had no idea that there were PROFESSIONAL Cosplayers. How cool! Wonder what these guys are like under the white masks.

Donna Lee said...

I think that's a really cool job. I could be a professional cosplayer! Heck with all these people who need me. Bring on the storm troopers.