Yarn Puns Abound

So I found this comic book called Handknit Heroes. It's about knitters (obviously) who also have super powers. It was an ad for the shirt ("So are we going to go fight crime or what?" "Sure, just let me finish this row.") that caught my eye and led me to the site. Bob and I think that it's going to be full of all the usual puns and lame jokes as most indie comics are, only these will be yarn-the Just thought I'd share.

I've decided that to hell with knits for everyone else, I want to do something for me this time, and by God, that's what I did. So I cast on for the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls (my mom's mother's day gift last year) before I realised it was 111 rows of garter stitch before I get to any lace. I will have well over 400 stitches before I've got any sort of chart or pattern to follow. It's boring at this stage, but I'm powering through it (I'm in the 80s right now) and will soon be working on some lace.
Speaking of Mother's Day, I am constantly forgetting that it's Sunday. Like, I get reminded, and then I promptly forget again. Patrick's birthday is next week, too. This one is more difficult, because at least with my mom I have a fallback: she's a knitter and a spinner. Fiber will always be a welcome gift with her. Patrick is a gamer, and unfortunately, a lot of games are just a bit out of my price range. I told him that if he can't come up with any ideas for a present, I'm just going to stick a bow on my head and call it a day. His response? "I'm okay with that." Smartass.
He's reading this over my shoulder as I type, because we're going to go to the yarn store (the only lys worth going to any more that really isn't very 'l') because I am looking for yarn for my next shawl, which is also from the Folk Shawls book. I picked that one the same time my mom picked hers, but I don't have much experience with lace so I decided to go with something a little easier and less intricate the first time around.
Gosh, I am so lucky to have found a guy who doesn't mind driving half an hour to find fiber for me to lovingly stroke and rub against my cheek like a newborn kitten-ball of fuzz. I do so love yarn and roving.
Think I'll ask for a spinning wheel for my birthday....

"This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,--
The simple news that Nature told,
With tender majesty.
Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!"
--"This Is My Letter To the World" ~ Emily Dickinson


Donna Lee said...

When's your birthday again? Do I know you? (kidding, only kidding). When the recession is over, we can start our own lys (little yarn store). There'll be less competition now.

Roxie said...

You, your mom, and your sis do seem to have good luck attracting worthy men. YOu could give classes!

Happy knitting!