On your feet, come with me

It has been a very long week for me, and not in a good way. I started to feel ill on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning was in the throes of unhappiness from my illness. Luckily for myself I had off from work that day, or else I'd have contaminated half the county by the time the day was out. As it was, I had to go in on Thursday with a fever and suffer through the lunch rush (which was not much, all things considered) with sinuses so stuffed it was affecting my hearing. I got to leave early because the other girl that was there felt bad for me, so she stayed to work until the next person came in and let me go home.
That seems like good news. It is. Patrick came to get me, and we headed back to his grandmother's house (where we sleep) so I could take a nap.
We got there with just enough time for me to put my stuff down upstairs before comforting everyone, because his grandmother passed away about five minutes after we walked in the door. She has been at death's door for a few weeks now, due to terminal mouth cancer and other health problems related to old age. She died in her sleep on Thursday, surrounded by people she love, and that's all I could have ever asked for her. She was happy and well-tended right up to the end. The crying cleared my sinuses for a few hours and left my nose drippy for several more. The whole family was up, and I can't count how many people I hugged. Kelly (Patrick's little sister whom I am very fond of) clung to me for a good deal of the night, and I let her. Patrick clung to me as well, because he was very upset, so it was a little awkward, but I managed to work it out. I tried to make sure that I was there to do anything that was needed, and I hope I was a comfort.
I called out of work that night for Friday morning, because I had a rather high fever and I was having trouble keeping it down. Matt was probably furious, but he can go jump in a river for all I care. I was sick. Lucky for me, though, I woke up around six-ish sweating like a hog because my fever finally broke. By last night, the medicine had helped me to the point that all I have to contend with today is a stuffy nose. I am grateful that it is wrapping itself up so quickly, I can't afford to be sick right now.
I spent a good deal of yesterday keeping Kelly company, because I think she needs a friendly distraction right now, and she definitely wasn't objecting to having someone to talk to that wasn't crying. Her mother is taking Mrs. Cassady's death very hard, and I can understand why. Now she has lost bother her parents. It's a hard thing to deal with.

I feel a little bad because the viewing for Mrs. Cassady is on Tuesday and the funeral Wednesday, and I told one of my coworkers that I'd work for her on Tuesday because she had class, but then I had to tell her that I couldn't do it. She understands, because she knows several of Patrick's relatives and has heard Nana Stories from all of them. I still feel kind of bad.

My mom said she and my dad would like to go to the viewing, which caught me by surprise at first. What an awkward time to meet my boyfriend's mom (his parents are divorced and his father remarried).

I have once more ripped out and re-cast the Adamas shawl, because I am hoping that maybe my faulty math was due to my brain functions not being all there. I can hope, can't I?

That's all my news. Peachy week, wasn't it?

Ty nye plach' Don't you cry
Slyozy spryach' Hide the tears
Ved' nastanyet novyy den' Because a new day will begin
Tvoy ogon Your fire
Sogryevat' Will warm
Budyet tysyachi syerdets Thousands of hearts
~Origa/Yoko Kanno "Rise"

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Olivia said...

What a hard week. I hope you find some time to relax and recoup (maybe while re-knitting that shawl?)