Just My Bad Luck

I have caught my first summer cold. I am blaming it squarely on my parents this time, because no one else I know has been sick at all. I am feeling quite miserable right now with a runny nose, stuffy sinuses, and a sore throat. My eyes go all watery if I don't blink every two seconds. I am running a low-grade fever. I am very unhappy.

I have ripped the Atomsk shawl out about six times now, because for some reason I just can't keep track of my stitches. I keep missing stitches between charts 1 and 2. There haven't been any errata published, and everyone I've seen has had an easy time of it (except for my mom, maybe it runs in the family?) so I'm thinking the problem is on my end. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to focus well enough to knit lace right now, so I've been sleeping on and off all day, chatting haphazardly with people on facebook, and reading a great webcomic I was introduced to called Kinokofry. You should check it out, it's cute and silly. http://kinokofry.com

I intended to go to the DMV today to schedule my test, but I'm really not in a fit state to go anywhere that requires much thought or coordination on my part. I tripped on air going to the bathroom earlier.

Patrick has been a dear so far. He got up early today because he had jury duty but lost his little card, so he had to go and tell them that. Turns out he was one of those that didn't have to show, so he came back, only slightly worse for the wear. He stopped at Rite Aid for me and got me some medicine and soup. Got back, handed me Robitussin cough syrup. Lovely man didn't remember that I need juice for this. Lucky for him we have a bit of pineapple juice outside.
"New Better Taste!" my ass.
I am very thankful he got it for me, no matter how picky I am.

I had a hell of a time trying to get the cap off. I know they make them child-proof for a reason, but do they really have to make them THAT hard to get off? Might as well encase the whole bottle in an airtight lead case. Once I finally got it open, I nearly spilled most of it all over. Jeeze.

Oh man, I'm rambling. I have to go take more nasty stuff and then maybe I'll lay down for a bit of a nap. My eyelids keep dropping.

I'm unusual, not so typical
Way too smart to be waiting around
Tai Chi-practicing, snow board champion
I can fix the flat on your car
I might even be a rock star
~Miley Cyrus "Rock Star"

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Donna Lee said...

Excuse me, missy, but we don't have colds here. You got that one on your own.

And the room temp pineapple juice is for your sore throat. It works wonders. Cranberry juice is for taking cough syrup. It has a strong enough taste to block out the yuckiness.