On Dreams and Peppermints

We were busy at Pizza Hut tonight.

No, busy is not the word.

We were struck dumb with sheer business volume tonight.
There were two people (myself and my manager Matt) working the cut table for three straight hours because we couldn't afford to have someone leave the table to put something in the warmer. Pizzas would fall out and onto the floor. Both ovens were backed up with food.
We were incredibly busy tonight.

I think that the level of tiredness I generally reach by the end of my day has a hand in inducing strange dreams. I know it is partly due to subconscious thoughts (some of my dreams make me wonder if my subconscious is perhaps tripping on something illegal) but I honestly think your health and well-being have something to do with it. When I am very sick, and spend most of my time sleeping, I don't dream. Hardly ever. I fall asleep, and stay deeply asleep until someone forces my brain to function. When I have had a physically stressful day, I generally sleep very well. That is, unless I'm stiff and sore, in which case I usually end up having dreams where I get the crap kicked out of me somehow.
On a day like today, where I am tired but not exhausted, stiff and sore but not in terrible amounts of pain, are the days when I seem to have the strangest dreams. Things like scaling Mt. Everest in my pajamas, only to be greeted and then nose-lasered by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Or turning the local mall into a strange hybrid with Hogwarts and having wacky hijinks there with a motley assortment of friends and other characters (not necessarily from Harry Potter). I usually like my dreams, though.
Except on nights where I'm uncomfortable somehow, whether I'm stressing over something that happened, or if I'm on my period (that induces some of the STRANGEST dreams ever). Then my subconscious turns suicidal. I get bitten by a zombie, fight until I can't stop the craving for my companion's brains anymore, strap myself with explosives, walk out, and light up the town. Or perhaps I'm outside shoveling snow, and I get kidnapped by some strange guy who looks kind of like a hobo. Those are the kind of dreams where my voice doesn't work, so even though I'm screaming my lungs out, there's no sound. No one hears as I get taken away.
Those dreams wake me up, leaving my heart pounding and my body hurting from being tense. I have a hard time calming myself down after those dreams, and an even harder time falling back asleep. Part of me is afraid that I'll have that dream again, or that it'll continue once I slip back into sleep.

But, on to knitting.

My blanket, with its red and white spiral, has been dubbed the "Peppermint Blanket," and you can see why. It'll be a square spiral, yes, but the image is there. Red is not one of my favorite colors, but I really do like the way it looks with white. I have a soft spot for red and white together, though not in everything.

Green is still my favorite color, mom, don't worry.

Patrick is growing disheartened at my speed, so I think I'll set the blanket aside for a little while and let him catch up a bit. It is his project, I'd hate to outshine him. And it's hard for him to visualize what he wants, so he moves slowly to make sure he's doing everything right. I knit fast in general, and on something fairly simple like this knit-row-purl-row, I just zip along.

My mom pointed out something about making my blanket into a quilt that was niggling in the back of my brain for a while...
...quilting it will make it practically impossible to wash. Damn.

Got a breadmaker. It makes bread in a satisfactory way. Five bucks. I'm happy.

Have some yarn pictures!

This is the Cascade that I'm using. It's pretty true to color in this picture. I love it.

"The world is full of dreamers,
But I'm a great believer.
And I'm no fool,
'Cause I got you."
~"Everybody Wants Ya" SClub7

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