Movie Extras and Bank Problems Resolved (?)

I am one of those geeks that watches all the "making of" and commentary extras on my favorite movies. Yes, I am, and proud of it
I find that while knitting is relaxing, if it is done without something to equally focus my sub-attention (the part of me that notices that I am in a very, very quiet room), it gets frustrating and is not as relaxing as it normally is. I usually prefer just something to make some background noise that I can glance up at occasionally. When I have something difficult or that is giving me a particular trouble, I aim for an audio book. Something I can listen to, but not have to watch as I'm staring at my knitting. Otherwise, my ideal noise is actually the extras provided on DVDs.
First, I enjoy learning all this little trivia. It's fun, and it never ruins my view of the realism of the movie. Films like The Lord of the Rings have never been harmed in my eyes by knowing the tricks they used to make the Hobbits look small, or how that shot with the Balrog was achieved. I love it. And I can watch them over and over, since I always catch something new that I missed previously. It's a fun way for me to keep my brain occupied while I knit.
That sounds a little off, but you know what I mean.
What do you do?

I sat at the bank for 45 minutes today while my problem with them taking my money was sorted out. Well, when I say sorted out I mean that they gave me my money back. The problem was that the empty envelope that was deposited at the ATM was missing. And so while it was obvious I had not made such a deposit, it was hard for them to give me the money since they couldn't find the actual root of the problem. The TSM (teller service manager; apparently there's a person who's job is solely to handle ATM problems) told me that she'd given me the money, it should be through by monday (I checked on my account just a little bit ago and it's there, pending). When she gets back to work on Monday, she is going to look more into the situation, and give me an update when she's figured it all out.

Patrick's blanket!

Patrick decided about two weeks ago that he really wanted to knit a blanket. So, I went over a few different options with him and told him to look up some patterns. He, of course, went with what appeared to be easiest for him, and he is now working very slowly on a log cabin blanket. In order to support him through this brave endeavor, I am working on my own. I will take pictures with my mom's camera tomorrow, because hers is better than mine.
Patrick's, which he is apparently making for me, is being made from Cascade Dulce. This is comprised of %55 superfine alpaca, 23% wool, and 22% silk. My mom thinks we are crazy, but I am stubborn and it is Patrick's project, so he gets the choice. Mine is a red and white spiral, his is a dark green, a middle-prussian-green-gray, and cream.... pattern. He is still knitting on the center square, so the way he's going to work his colors hasn't been decided yet.

It is lovely and soft and I am a good deal farther ahead than he is, unfortunately. Oh well.

I briefly thought about turning it into a knitted sort of quilt. You know, with a backing and some batting inside. The idea was brief because until I know I am very, very happy with my blanket, it will stay an afghan.

"Dear Prudence, open up your eyes.
Dear Prudence, see the sunny skies.
The sun is up, the sky is blue.
It's beautiful and so are you."
~"Dear Prudence" The Beatles

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Donna Lee said...

He is crazy but it's his blanket. I love prussian green gray!