Ahaha, this is so exciting!

Well, I am finally starting to feel back to normal. I'm still a little sniffly, and my hearing will take a little while to return, but my voice is coming back and I'm not running a fever any more. This is good news.

The Peppermint Blanket is chugging along nicely, and Dan's scarf is making its way up the FO path at a slower pace, but it is enjoying itself in all its alpaca goodness. This is also good news.

I am back to a semi-normal schedule at work. This means a steadier paycheck and the chance for much better tips. This is still more good news.

A local apartment complex has accepted our (mine and Patrick's) application. We are residents of apartment A-1 as of December 1st. This is truly excellent news.

And that is my feel-good post for Monday. See? They aren't always terrible.


Roxie said...

Oh wow - moving at the end of the month? Start collecting boxes now! I beg from the manager of the produce department of the local grocery. Apple boxes are grand! And hit the photocopy shop to see if they will save paper boxes for you. Then there's always the liquor store . . .

Hooray for a steady schedule and more tips. And good luck with the move!

Donna Lee said...

Yay for the move. I'm happy for both of you. First apts are so exciting.