Hello from Royersford! I am up here to visit Em, Jim, and Colleen. Well, the plan was to hang with Colleen for a few days (since I hardly ever see her anymore) and seeing Em and Jim was just an added bonus.
Thursday we stopped by Friendly's to say bye to Patrick before I left, and we were both starving so we got some food and ice cream and went on our way. Patrick pouted.
The drive back up to PA was filled with lots of laughing, because Colleen was telling me all about how crack-a-licious crazy the Twilight plot gets (He doesn't want to have sex with you, Bella, because he's got this big diamond-hard man-vampire-hood that would break you) and I gotta say, maybe I'll force my brain to overlook the writing style just to laugh myself into soiling my jeans. No, really. To hear Coll and Em tell it, the last book is quite a piece of.... work. Yes. Piece of work.
Friday Coll had to run out on me for orientation for her new nursing classes, so I slept in, took a shower, ate my left overs from friendly's and then plunked myself down on the couch to play Dragon Age: Origins. Good game. The battle mechanics are a little funky, but the level of detail that goes into creating and maintaining your character is pretty nice. Coll got back and we headed out to Moritomo for some good Asian cuisine. The pork katsu was delish, and then we got desert. I ordered red bean mochi ice cream. Mochi ice cream are little balls of ice cream that are covered in mochi, which is rice that has been pounded into a chewy cake-like consistency. I love mochi, though my friends think I'm strange for it. Colleen got fried cheese cake. Oh my god. Yum. I didn't think it would be as good as it was.
I was wrong.
Today we're going to Shady Maple, an Amish smorgasborg for breakfast and then we're off to check out the semi-local Asian market, which apparently sells smart toilets. And sushi-grade fish. I could get into this place. After that, there's an all-you-can-eat sushi place for lunch (we plan to spend a long time in Assi) and back to NJ to show off OUR asian market before Colleen has to go to work.
I'm off tomorrow as well, so I'll be combing through my room and reorganizing the stuff I have already boxed in preparation of moving. There's some extra stuff I've got to shift around, and a few things in trash bags that should get sorted out and dealt with.
Hooray for mini-vacations!


Roxie said...

What a great way to spend some time off!
See the folks that you don't see enoff.
Go out eating and ahopping,
and laughing and talking,
then go home and straighten your stoff.

But what does all that have to do with limerick?

Donna Lee said...

It sounds like you had fun. Fried cheesecake sounds really really good