Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well, we're finally settled in completely and getting used to a new set up. Aside from a few wish-list items that will be obtained after we see what Santa brings, Patrick and I have everything we need and plenty of extras to make things comfortable. Em and Jim gave us a huge table last weekend that just cries out for a D&D game to be played on it. I'm going to be running a solo mission for Bob later tonight, actually, so it will have its wishes fulfilled.

We got a tree yesterday, it sits right near the door when you walk in. It's short and fat and needs a bit of a haircut, but it is the best tree ever. I love the smell when I walk in. We'll decorate on Christmas Eve, and then we'll go over to my parents' house to decorate with them. Unfortunately, some of my presents for people are arriving late due to my bank giving Amazon trouble because I gave them the apartment address to mail to, not my old home address. So I have to tell the bank to get lost, it's the right address and then they have to process the information to allow Amazon to send me everything I asked for. But that's all right, my mom has commanded me not to buy presents for people this year, so if they arrive a little late it won't be such a big deal.

My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow. They've only seen the apartment looking pretty bare and only partially set up, so I'd like to show them the place when it's been lived in. I'm making a London broil with some potatoes and veggies, and I think my parents are bringing a desert. I have to remember to brew some tea for them, and make sure there's ice. My dad loves iced tea and my mom never has anything more than a full glass of ice in her drinks. I don't drink a lot of cold tea, and I don't like frozen drinks, but they do so I'll make sure there's some for them. I won't make a lot of tea, I don't need to.

Right now I'm just relaxing a bit and doing some laundry while Patrick plays video games. We've had a pretty busy few weeks so we're enjoying some mutual time off. It's nice not to wake up to an alarm in the morning every once in a while.

Well, I'm off to move the laundry along. Think I'll have a roast beef sandwich for lunch...


Donna Lee said...

Dad says that of course you have to buy him presents! What were you thinking?

We're looking forward to seeing your place and will definitely bring desert. El volunteered to make a cake.......

Roxie said...

Your first place is SUCH fun! Enjoy, enjoy! And London broil for dinner? What time should I show up?

Anonymous said...

hey now, i've made cakes before that haven't been that bad.

and you might want to rethink the menu, neko. we just had london broil the other night.